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Gay Group Trip: China Adventure

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China's recorded history stretches back 4000 years, making it the only ancient civilization to have survived intact. On this mind-expanding trip you will see a side of China that has retained deep roots with its past. If you're feeling daring, you can raft down the great bend of the Yangtze River, which is nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. We will cycle to remote communities and see traditional Tibetan culture, offset by a serene mountain lake. As well as taking a trip to a Holy Waterfall, we shall get the opportunity to feed the black snub-nosed monkey. Over 14-days you will see the cultures of a great civilisation largely unchanged by modernity. 

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7 hours ahead of the UK

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10 hours direct from UK

Day 1 - Lijiang

On day one we arrive in Lijiang, a city in Yunan province that is home to various ethnic minority groups. Surrounded by the Lion, Golden and Elephant mountains, Lijiang is located Almost 8,000 miles above sea level. The Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Explore the winding cobbled streets of this bustling city, and experience somewhere seemingly unchanged by time. We shall have our first meal together and discuss our upcoming adventures. 

Day 2 - Lijiang-Qiaotou Town-Tea Horse Guest House

We'll check out of our hotel and go for a trek on the stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge. At 12,795 this is one of the four greatest gorges in the world. On our way there we shall see Naxi villages, the Yangtze River including the panoramic first bend of the Yangtze River. 

We shall begin at Changsheng village and then head over to the Zhong Nuoyu village. Here we'll have lunch at a Naxi guesthouse and then our first challenge begins: the 28 Zigzag Bends Trail. We shall then have a well-earned meal and night's sleep at the Tea Horse Guest House. 

Day 3 - Shangri-La

On day-3 we'll head to a place so iconic it seems to be more mythic than real, and it is a myth. Shangri-La is a fictional paradise in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon. However, Zongdian County was recently renamed Shangri-La in an effort to attract tourism. A case of life imitating art. 

On our way we'll see the stunning views of Jade Dragon Mountain as we head into the Tibetan prefecture. We'll see examples of Thang-ga painting, a 7th century Tibetan art tradition of vibrant scroll paintings. 

Day 4 - Old Town Shangri-la

We'll get the chance to explore Old Town Shangri-La, and see buildings dating back 1300 years. After breakfast we'll head to the Songzanlin Monastery (built in 1679) by bike. This is the largest Tibetan monastery in the region. After admiring its splendours, we'll explore the local cuisine. 

We'll get back on our bikes and head to the Nature Reserve by Napa Lake. It's the largest and most scenic plateau in Tibet. This is a beautiful aspect of Tibetan culture to experience. We'll then return to our hotel for dinner and much needed rest. We have a big day ahead. 

Day 5 - Into The Mountains

As we drive to Deqin County, we shall pass little villages, Buddhist shrines and crystal clear streams. At Nixy Pottery village we shall have a pottery lesson. After lunch in Benzilian town we'll head to the Moon Bend, the first bend of the Jinsha river between Sichuan and Yunnan. We'll head to a sightseeing platform to watch the sunset at Meili Snow Mountain. We won't be engaging in any hikes today so we can get used to the higher elevation. 

Day 6 - The Great Heights

We'll be trekking for 7 hours at 10,000 feet over a mountain pass to Yubeng. A picnic lunch will be provided along the way. We'll enjoy local cuisine in a traditional Tibetan sitting room in a mountain village. Our bags will be transported to our guesthouse on horseback - which is pretty cool. 

Day 7 - Glacier Ice Lake

In the morning we'll see the sun rise over the mountains, and then take a trip to the forest by Yubeng village. Horses and Yaks live here and if we're lucky we might see some. Walking in Glacier park we'll see the wonderous Mt. Kawabego Glacier. At the foot of the glacier we'll find the Ice Lake. We'll see many glorious sights on this day. In the evening we'll return to Upper Ubeng and stay at a local guesthouse  - where we'll have plenty to talk about. 

Day 8 - Holy Waterfall

We'll take a four-hour trek to the Holy Waterfall. The waterfall is sacred to Buddhists. It is believed that if you walk around it 13 times then all of your sins will be washed away. Could be worth giving it a go - you never know. After we've admired this stunning place we'll return to our guesthouse. 

Day 9 - Cizhong and the Grand Canyon

Heading off the beaten track we'll travel to Ninong Village, where we'll enjoy some local delicacies. We'll stay overnight in Cizhong where we'll see the unforgettable Grand Canyon, and marvel at its vast depth and beauty. This will be one of many places you'll want to share on Instagram so bring your camera. 

Day 10 - Tacheng Town

Are you ready to see the Black Snub-Nosed Monkey? Great, well now's your chance.  But first we shall visit a Tibetan Catholic Church built by missionaries in 1867, and observe a prayer session. China is forecast to become the world's biggest economy in the coming decades; and more surprisingly, it is destined to have the world's biggest Christian population, too. 

We shall then visit Tongle village which is the most traditional in the region. The houses are built of wood in the classical style. This is a place untouched by time.

In the afternoon, we'll head over to the National Park of Tachen Town, where we will see the Black Snub-Nosed Monkey and many more magnificent animals. It'll then be time to dine and chat about our adventures. 

Day 11 - River Rafting At Rooster Stone Islet

On this day we have the rare privilege of feeding the snub-nosed monkey. We'll then head off on our rafting excursion - this will be quite spectacular.  As we raft along Jinsha River, we will see the Rooster Stone Islet, the peak of which looks like a rooster - hence the name. Passing the Rooster Stone, we will then hit the exciting whirlpools, rapids and waves. After a thrilling day we'll return to our hotel for a well-earned meal. 

Day 12 - Shigu Town

We have another day of adventure on the water. Breakfasting at our campsite, we'll see the sunrise over Jinsha River. We'll then get on our raft and make for Shigu Town. Passing The First Bend of the Yangtze River we'll be greeted with stunning views. Finishing at Shigu Town, we'll head to Lijiang Town where we'll spend the night. 

Day 13 - Lijiang

After all the watery adventures, we'll be returning to dry land and taking to our bicycles for a spot of cycling in Lijiang Old Town. We'll get the chance to see the Baisha Murals painted over a thousand years ago. They depict the major religions of China, including Confucianism and Taoism. 

After admiring the history of Old Town, we head to Lashihai Lake. This nature reserve is full of rich biodiversity; if we're lucky we may see some of the endangered creatures that inhabit these parts, including the black-necked crane. We'll then walk around the lake and see Nixi villages, home to remote, ethnic minority communities. 

We have another day of adventure on the water. Breakfasting at our campsite, we'll see the sunrise over Jinsha River. We'll then get on our raft and make for Shigu Town. Passing The First Bend of the Yangtze River we'll be greeted with stunning views. Finishing at Shigu Town, we'll head to Lijiang where we'll spend the night. 

Day 14 - Farewell, China

This is our final day. After an unforgettable adventure, we'll have a farewell breakfast and then make our way to Lijiang airport. 

FYI: Although we will attempt to stick to this itinerary, weather conditions may force us to alter our plans here and there. Some of the places we are travelling to are remote and rarely travelled, so this will be quite a unique trip. 

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