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Gay Group Trip: Galapagos Adventure

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Visit the Galapagos on this amazing adventure on land, with the chance to see the vast wildlife, birdlife and volcanoes on the island it’ll be a trip never to be forgotten!

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7 hours behind the UK

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14 hours direct from UK

Available Dates : 24th March 2018, 4th March 2019

Quito, Ecuador

On the first day of your adventure you’ll go on a walking tour within the historical city of Quito. Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better, you’ll head to the equator. 

Santa Cruz Island

Today you will embark on your journey from Quito to Santa Cruz Island where you will visit the Galapagos Giant Tortoise at El Chato reserve where you will go on an exhilarating trek in the highlands where many other wildlife species like pintail ducks can be seen. Followed by a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Foundation where you will learn about the conservation of the wildlife; not only that but your time on Santa Cruz Island has a sweet ending with a stop to a chocolatier for Ecuador’s renowned chocolate.

Kayaking, Divine Bay

On day three you’ll cruise through the tremendous turquoise waters around Divine Bay where you’ll have crystal clear views of the marine life followed by some free time in the quaint village of Puerto Ayora.

Isabela Island

Today you’ll visit the youngest and most volcanically active island in the Galapagos, Isabela Island, where you’ll have fun snorkelling with the life under the sea and the life on land such as the Galapagos Penguin.
After this you’ll be driven up to the trailhead into an amazing arid forest eco system which also showcases great views of the other volcanoes.

Rest and relaxation

Today you’ll have the day at your leisure on Isabela Island, with the option of cycling, kayaking and much more if you wish. Followed by a fun filled evening with the locals, drinks and music.

San Cristobal

On day seven you will transfer to San Cristobal Island where you’ll hike along the natural trails to Tijeretas where you can spot mockingbirds, herons and much more. After the hike, you’ll be able to have a well-deserved chill and take in the picturesque views at Carola Beach before a steady stroll to visit the diverse wildlife including the colony of Galapagos sea lions.

Followed by a flight back to Quito for your flight heading home.

Travel Info

It's important to be up-to-date with the latest travel advice to Galapagos Islands and the laws in every destination.

LGBT RIGHTS IN Galapagos Islands The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth office provides information to LGBT travellers through its 'Travel Aware' campaign.

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