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Gay Group Trip: Cultural Greece

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Take a trip back in time to Ancient Greece and discover the remnants of this once great Empire and the significant impact it has left on the world. The gay group trip is an exploration into the more cultural sites of Greece, taking in everything from ancient cities designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites to smaller mountain villages and coastal towns. You'll delve into Greek mythology and philosophy as you navigate the many temples, churches, ancient Greek stadiums and theatres and cobbled streets learning all about this country's great past. 

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2 hours ahead of the UK

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3-4 hours direct from UK

Available Dates : 13th September 2018

Day 1 - Arrival

Today you'll arrive into Athens where you will be met by a tour representative and transferred over to your starting hotel near the oldest part of the city known as the 'Plaka'. This area is full of historic churches and buildings, narrow, winding lanes and streets as well as shops and restaurants. You'll meet the rest of your group in the evening when you will all enjoy a welcome dinner in a local favourite restaurant nearby.

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Day 2 - Athens

Today you'll get to experience the magical city of Athens - a city brimming with history and stories to tell of the Ancient Greeks, told through the remnants of the amazing ruins you'll visit. You'll visit the Parthenon and the iconic Acropolis temple which overlooks the city as well as the National Archeological Museum where you'll find even more relics. Also included in your tour is a visit to the 1896 Olympic Stadium (the site of the first ever International Olympic Games) as well as Parliament. Lunch will be had in the Plaka district and, later on in the evening, you'll enjoy a dinner all together as a group at a scenic restaurant which overlooks the Parthenon. 

Day 3 - Nafplio and the Peloponnese Peninsula

Today you'll leave Athens and will be transferred to the Peloponnese peninsula, specifically heading for Nafplio - a beautiful seaport town which is home to an impressive historical fort, which offers panoramic views of the town from the top, as well as a charming harbour area complete with plenty of lovely boats. Along the way, you'll discover the ruins of the early Olympic Games stadium of Nemea as well as enjoying lunch and a vintage wine tasting session. In the evening you'll enjoy dinner by the sea in a popular local restaurant.

Day 4 - Nafplio, Epidaurus and Mycenae

Today you'll enjoy a full day tour, firstly visiting the ancient Greek city of Epidaurus where you'll find one the best preserved ancient Greek theatres in the world plus ruins of the public baths and more. You'll also visit the important archaeological sites in Greece - Mycenae - which was once one of the most important places in ancient Greece in terms of culture and holds impressive ruins such as the Palace of Agamemnon. Evening at leisure in Nafplio to explore.

Day 5 - Sparta and Monemvasia

Today you'll continue on in your journey, firstly heading towards the Monastery of Loukou - a historic monastery that dates back to the 10th century where you'll enjoy some coffee and homemade candies before moving onto the fascinating Archeological Museum of Sparta which is home to some of the oldest artefacts relating to the ancient Greeks. Enjoy lunch before being transferred to the ciff-side town of Monemvasia which is located on a small island jutting out off the coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, connected to the mainland by a short road. Climb to the highest points of the town for spectacular ocean views.

Day 6 - Monemvasia, Neapolis and Elafonisos Island

Today you'll enjoy a leisurely morning before heading out for a trip to the charming coastal town of Neapolis where you can walk around and explore. From here, if the weather permits and stays sunny, you will visit the tropical island of Elafonis where you'll find beautiful beaches and aquamarine waters for you to swim in.

Day 7 - Messini and Olympia

Today you'll leave Monemvasia in search of the ancient city of Olympia. On the way, you'll visit the ancient city of Messini which is still undergoing excavation. This archeological site receives only a fraction of the visitors of other popular ruins but is one of the most impressive which makes it great for walking amongst the ruins of the amphitheater, market and sanctuary without the fuss. You'll also visit the small holy site of Agia Theodora where you'll find a tiny church that has sprouted trees growing from its roof. You'll enjoy lunch mid-day before finally reaching Olympia and checking into the hotel and enjoying dinner as a group. 

Day 8 - Olympia and Arachova

Today you'll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Olympia - the birthplace of the original Olympic Games which is still honoured to this day by being the place the Olympic torch is lit every Olympic year. Olympia was also the place where the huge, grand statue of the ancient Greek god Zeus was - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World which was destroyed and centuries ago. Extensive amounts of ruins can be found in this ancient site including athletic training areas, temples, a stadium, plus the Archeological Museum of Olympia which holds many artifacts that have been excavated from the area. From here you'll drive across the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the world (the Rion-Antirion Bridge) on your way to Arachova - a traditional little village found on Mount Parnassus which is great for strolling around. It is here that you will stay in order to explore Delphi the following day. 

Day 9 - Delphi

Today you'll visit the most popular achaeological site in all of Greece - the ancient 'Centre of the World' Delphi. This sanctuary was determined by the ancient Greek god Zeus who sent two eagles flying from opposite ends of the Earth. Where they crossed paths was the site of Delphi and so this was considered the centre of the world in ancient times. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an extensive collection of ancient ruins, including the Temple of Apollo, dedicated to the son of Zeus, the treasury of Athens and the ancient theatre of Delphi. You'll explore the site, including the museum, before enjoying free time later on in the day.

Day 10 - Meteora

The rock formations of Meteora are awe-inspiring - jutting out of the ground and climbing towards the sky they make for incredible scenery, and even more so with the old monasteries that are built high upon the tops of the rocky spires. They were built up these formally inaccessible cliffs to protect them from their enemies with the only way to reach them before was by being hoisted up in a bucket. In the afternoon you'll then visit Dimos Arc ranch - a local farm that maintains and breeds animals that are found in Greek legends and old texts before enjoying a BBQ dinner in a local tavern.

Day 11 - Thessaloniki

Your next location is Thessaloniki which is the second largest city in Greece and the former Cultural Capital of Europe just a few years ago. It is famous for its creative and cultural industries and for its many monuments and historical buildings such as St Pauls Church and the White Tower. You'll also head into the countryside of the Macedonia region of Greece where you will visit the home of King Philip II of Macedonia at the Palace of Aiges as well as the royal tombs where former rulers are buried. 

Day 12 - Pella and Miesa

Today you'll explore Pella which was also a former home of Philip II as well as his famous son Alexander the Great. You'll visit the museum where you'll discover lots of artifacts relating to these great rulers as well as the other historic monuments that can be found in this former capital city. You'll also visit the former schooling place of Aristotle as well as Alexander before he went to conquer Asia. Enjoy a stroll through the park where you'll find a small theatre and the location of the school before joining a walking tour of the site. In the evening you'll all come together to enjoy a farewell dinner, paired with a Greek wine tasting session. 

Day 13 - Departure

Today marks the end of your cultural journey through Greece. You'll be transferred to the airport ready to catch your departing flight home. 

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