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Gay Group Trip: Luxury Greek Island Sailing

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Sail the Dodecanese islands of Greece, hopping from island to island in the company of other gay men. This gay group trip shows you the lesser-known, less touristy and undiscovered side of Greece that you don't often see, visiting the smaller islands that each have their own story to tell and their own treasures to show. Take in Kos, Alimnia, Nisyros, Tilos, Halki and Symi which offer unbelievably blue waters, historical sights, old-school Greek villages and towns and some with their own gay beaches! Take a trip to paradise and experience the authentic side of Greece.

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2 hours ahead of the UK

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3-4 hours direct from UK

Available Dates : 21st July 2018


Kos is one of the most famous and popular islands to visit out of the Dodecanese islands but has managed to retain all of its natural beauty and authentic Greek feel. In the capital of Kos Town you'll find ancient Greek ruins next to lively tavernas next to a medieval castle and an old, charming harbour. Elsewhere you'll find lush valleys, powdery, white beaches and the rugged Dikeos mountains. There is also a partially gay beach on this island!

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Alimnia is a stunning abandoned Dodecanese island which has not been inhabited since the Second World War. The deserted village which includes a well-preserved church gives it an eerie but calm and secluded feeling. Rome the ruins of the village and enjoy a swim in the aquamarine waters - this island is a place of total privacy.


Nisyros is considered one of the most beautiful Greek islands in this region and it is still untouched by mass tourism and retains a lot of its old-world charm. Not only is this a charming little island but it is also an active volcano which provides an amazing landscape everywhere you look. There are some lovely little beaches you can explore on this island, along with some quaint little villages, thermal springs, and great hiking routes. 


Tilos island is Greece's 'Green Island' and is a pioneering nature reserve that is run completely on wind and solar power - the first island in the Meditteranean! The nature reserve is home to many endangered animals and rare plants which make it so scenic. There are some beautiful beaches to be found here - Plaka beach being a highlight due to the Eucalyptus trees dotted around as well as the peacocks that parade around showing off their dazzling colours. 


Halki is considered the island to visit to get away from it all and shut off the outside world. This serene little island, which is supported by UNESCO, has rejected big, modern developments and has been designated the 'island of peace and friendship'. The feeling of being away from the outside world, plus the ruins of its castle and deserted old town do bring visitors here though and its mountainous landscapes inspire many. There are some great pebbly beaches here, some of which can only be reached via hiking routes but are well worth it. The surrounding coast is a great location for enjoying some sunbathing on the yacht and swimming in the ocean.


Symi is one of the smaller islands of the Dodecanese group and is often frequented by tourists for day trips to see the beautiful mansions that surround its harbour. They stand looking down on it from their hilltop locations, cascading down and creating a beautiful scene that reminds people of the island's heyday. There are few beaches on this island are few and those it does have are hard to get to, however, having the advantage of being on a sailing holiday means you will be able to enjoy these and the crystal-clear waters they offer away from the crowds.

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