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Gay Group Trip: Highlights of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has opened its doors to tourism ever since the conflict between the Tamil Tigers and the Government ended in 2009 allowing people from around the world to come and see the true beauty of this underrated destination. This gay group trip takes in all of the key sites in this fantastically authentic country and allows you to experience tea plantations, an elephant safari, sacred temples, floating markets, stunning beaches and more. Visit Sri Lanka with a group of other gay travellers whilst it is still relatively unknown for a truly immersive, cultural experience. 

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4.5 hours ahead of the UK

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11 hours direct from UK

Available Dates : 5th March 2018

Day 1 - Negombo

Today you'll arrive in Colombo where you'll be met by tour representatives and transferred over to your starting hotel in Negombo. Negombo is a lovely fisherman's village on the west coast of Sri Lanka where you'll find great beaches as well as remains of the Dutch and Portuguese colonization. Due to it being a fisherman's village the seafood here is phenomenal, caught fresh and cooked that day. Take a walk around the village and soak up the local culture and feel before meeting your fellow travellers in the evening at the hotel for a welcome beach dinner. Rest of the evening at leisure. 

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Day 2 - Anuradhapura

You'll enjoy a lovely breakfast in the morning before being transferred over to the former capital city, Anuradhapura, where you'll find a rich history and culture in one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Sri Maha Bodhi can be found here which is the world's oldest recorded tree which is sacred to the people and Buddhists everywhere as this was the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Go on a walk through the city and discover the sacred stupa of Ruwanweliseya which houses religious and historical relics and is famous for it's striking spherical structure. 

Day 3 - Ritigala and Minneriya Safari

After breakfast at the hotel, you'll be transferred to Ritigala which is famous amongst hikers for its natural beauty, history and incredible forest monastery ruins found deep inside the Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve. Once you've taken in the ruins you'll visit Minneriya National Park which is a beautiful jungle conservation park for Elephants which you'll be able to watch, study and be amazed by as they flap their ears and swing their trunks. This sanctuary is home to the largest elephant gathering in the world which brings enthusiasts here from the world over. The park is also home to herds of deer and lots of birdlife also. 

Day 4 - Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa

After leisurely enjoying your breakfast at the hotel, take part in an optional morning yoga session for a taste of spiritual awakening and reconnecting with your body to start the day off right in the hotel garden. Your first stop today is at the humongous Sigiriya Rock Fortress which is considered not only one of the finest examples of ancient Sri Lankan engineering but also one of the finest examples of art and culture anywhere in the world. Walk through the gardens that are guarded by the huge 'Lion Paws' before looking up at the huge monument right in front of you. After Sigiriya, you will be transferred to the kingdom of Polonnaruwa where you'll be fully immersed in the culture, history and religious influences on this nation. The ancient streets lined with buddha statues, sacred stupas, canals give this place an atmosphere like no other. The Nissankamalla Council Chamber is a prime highlight to see whilst you're here with its stone pillars located in the royal garden.

Day 5 - Hiriwadunna Village Trek, Trails of Matale and Kandy

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the hotel before paying a visit to Hiridunna village where you'll experience a truly authentic, quintessentially Sri Lankan village. Visit the local temple where you'll experience a private blessing and alms-giving before enjoying some exquisite Sri Lankan gastronomy. From here you'll visit Matale where you'll visit a spice plantation and learn all about the cultivation of the crops and how it exports around the world. After Matale, you'll finally reach the famous city of Kandy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the last royal capital of Sri Lankan Kings and so is a hub of historical significance and a great place to learn more about the culture. The sacred Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha can be found here as well as a gem museum and a spice and Ayurvedic garden which you will visit to experience the therapeutic values of spices and herbal tea. If time allows, you will also take a stroll through the local market where fresh fruit and vegetable are sold.

Day 6 - Peradeniya and Hatton Tea Trails

Following breakfast, you will be transferred to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya where you'll find perfectly manicured landscapes which make these gardens the finest of their kind in all of Asia. From here you'll arrive at Hatton which is surrounded by multiple waterfalls and tea plantations, making for beautiful scenery. You'll visit a traditional tea plantation where you'll experience the lifestyle of the people that live and work in this humble community and try some of the best Sri Lankan tea. 

Day 7 - Hatton Tea Trails

Today you'll spend another day exploring Hatton, taking in the beautiful scenery, relaxing and resting before moving on the next day. Soak in the sun, go waterfall hunting or go on a walk - the day is at your leisure. 

Day 8 - Galle

Enjoy breakfast before being transferred over to Galle - a charming coastal city full of Dutch colonial architecture, beautiful beaches and lots of places to discover. Visit the Galle Fort, which was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, which protected the city for centuries and is an important historical, archaeological and architectural monument. Other key sights include the Zwart Bastion and the lighthouse at Point Utrecht Bastion. Take a walk through the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex and be amazed by the many bohemian street sellers and be mesmerised by the stunning beaches that can also be found here - perfect for watching the sunset. 

Day 9 - Galle

Day at leisure.

Day 10 - Colombo

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before being transferred to the capital city of Colombo. Colombo is the main financial district of Sri Lanka and is also the commercial heart of the country. Go and visit the amazing Floating Market where you'll find stalls established on boats selling local produce and handicrafts. Go visit the old Race Course which was used as an airstrip in World War II but is today lined with boutiques and tea shops. Take in the historic Independence Square, the bustling shopping district full of trendy shops and bars and simply chill on the beach. In the evening, go and explore some of Colombo's exciting nightlife - the jazz scene is particularly popular in Colombo and there are numerous nightclubs you can visit.

Day 11 - Departure

Today marks the end of your journey. You'll be transferred from the hotel to the airport ready to catch your departing flight home.

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