The Seychelles is made up of 115 beautiful islands and is located in the Indian Ocean. It’s one of the few islands in the Indian ocean where being gay is legal.

It’s renowned for its stunning beaches, diving, natural beauty and its rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises. Holidays in the Seychelles offer you the opportunity to relax and unwind or get a bit more adventurous and try one of their hiking trails, diving sites or ecotourism spots.

Best Seychelles Trips

Gay Group Trip: Sailing In The Seychelles

This gay Seychelles group trip will see you cruising to some of the most beautiful islands in the Seychelles, all of them with their own unique amazing qualities. Some of the highlights include the historical St Anne Island, hiking trails...

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Gay Group Trip: Seychelles Cruise

Join a gay yacht cruise in the Seychelles. With so many beautiful islands to see and experience, cruising around the Seychelles is a must. This gay group cruise is definitely the way to experience all the best highlights as you’ll...

From 8 daysFrom £2209View Itinerary

Best Seychelles Hotels

Chateau Elysium

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Chateau Elysium

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Getting to Seychelles

Flights go into Mahe in the Seychelles via multiple routes. You can travel between islands in the Seychelles either using the local Air Seychelles or by boat.

General Information

Located off the East coast of Africa, the Seychelles is home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. Made up of 115 islands, you feel like you have escaped to a tropical paradise. Get used to the gorgeous African sunshine, clear turquoise seas and beautiful untouched beaches. The nature feels so un-threatened that it is common to see turtles coming ashore during the day to lay their eggs.

Take a trip to Moyenne island which has been transformed into a tortoise nature preserve. This island was bought by English newspaper editor Brendon Grimshaw who rescued it and transformed it into a mini paradise. He has refused many offers from hotels as he feared his little friends may lose their home.

It has now been named the smallest national park in the world. Of course, there are beautiful white sandy beaches to enjoy, and there are many fantastic reefs in the surrounding ocean for the diving enthusiasts out there.

What Everyone Does In The Seychelles

The main reason people visit the Seychelles is to enjoy the beautiful resorts and everything that comes with them. The gourmet cuisine, beautiful surroundings, stunning beaches and top of the range service from the highly trained staff. What more could you want?

What Some People Do In The Seychelles

Pair your week of relaxation with a tour of South Africa. Since it is easy to get between one another, spend some time exploring Cape Town, the Winelands and a game reserve before heading to the Seychelles for a week of wind down and relaxation.

What No One Else Does In The Seychelles

Spend a day outside of your resort and head to the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. It makes a lovely day trip as you need to catch a boat to the island. Take in the beautiful nature which is found on the island. You can take a glass-bottomed boat ride to get a closer look at the coral reef below the surface.

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