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Fort Lauderdale uses Transgender models

Fort Lauderdale use transgender models in new adverts

The Florida resort is staying ahead of the curve with its new campaign

Fort Lauderdale has never shied away from being ahead of the curve and the announcement that it is using transgender models in its mainstream advertising campaigns shows that it continues to innovate.

Its new global marketing and advertising campaign features three transgender models alongside gay, straight and lesbian models to showcase the destination's inclusive and welcoming stance.

The new adverts will appear in print, digital, television and radio throughout major cities such as  New York, Boston and Chicago as well as appearing in the New York Times, USA Today and ManAboutWorld Magazine.

The campaign even had an early premiere at this year's Times Square New Year's Eve celebrations with a giant billboard video of transgender model Isabella Santiago, a Venezuelan model and 2014 Miss World Transgender.

"Using Trans models in our mainstream campaign says who we are as a destination; cosmopolitan, edgy, diverse, inclusive, authentic and accepting," said Richard Gray, Managing Director LGBTQ Market, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. "We are the only destination in the world that is using Trans people in mainstream marketing initiatives. That is a huge statement in itself highlighting this destination's commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality. We want all travelers to GFL to be free to be themselves, to be free to be accepted, and most of all to be safe and respected."


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