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#GetOutOfOffice with OutOfOffice.com

#GetOutOfOffice with OutOfOffice.com

We're big advocates of using all your annual leave and escaping on new adventures

Our friends over at Virgin Atlantic have launched their own campaign which appears to pay homage to yours truly. #GetOutOfOffice echoes our company sentiments perfectly - you shouldn't feel chained to a desk ever and exploring the world is one of life's joys.

The reason we called the company OutOfOffice.com is because we subscribe to the mentality that being OOO is far more fun than being in the office. And life is there to be lived.

Our founder, Darren Burn said: "It's great that Virgin Atlantic and Richard Branson are getting their inspiration from us! We love that they are jumping on the bandwagon and getting behind our idea to spend as much time as possible Out Of Office.

"Here at OutOfOffice.com we're big believers in escaping and using all your annual leave and we're experts at helping people set their OOO and #GetOutOfOffice on a new adventure."

OutOfOffice.com has been creating incredible tailor-made travel experiences to get people away from their desk since its launch in January this year and we are here to help. So next time you want to #GetOutOfOffice, then book with OutOfOffice.com.

You can watch Virgin Atlantic's video below.


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