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Comedian Pam Ann

Pam Ann's Holiday Tips

We chatted to comedian Pam Ann about her best and funniest travel experiences

With the 20th anniversary of her UK tour, we interviewed comedian Caroline Reid (AKA Pam Ann) and asked her about her travelling experiences. 

Where is your favourite place you have travelled to?

Mykonos, Greece. I go every year - it's my home away from home. If you have buckets of money you want to piss up against a wall stay at Belvedere It's absolutely gorgeous probably my favorite hotel on the island. Jackie O is the place to party. For pampering try Cavo Tagoo Spa.

Where is the quirkiest place you have visited?

Helsinki Finland the people are so quirky and fun. I mean, they live most of their lives in darkness which makes them drink a lot! Oh and most of them have saunas in their houses.

Have you ever had any disastrous experiences whilst on holiday or whilst traveling?

A gay friend of mine ended up in the emergency ward after being dropped by gay bears on his head in Mykonos but it wasn't really disastrous because he didn't die. He got dehydrated but nothing was really wrong with him, he was just drunk!


Travel comedian Pam Ann


Where would you say is the best place for the LGBT community to travel to?

Mykonos because it's diverse and gay friendly.

Where was your most outrageous party you have been to and tell us about it!

Elton John's party he threw for his husband David Furnish in Venice Italy. Pam Ann was hired to crew the flight over on his private chartered plane.

What are your top travel tips? 

Don't fly economy.

You can join in the fun and see Pam Ann yourself on her UK tour. Tickets available at:


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