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Manshausen hotel in Norway, private island escapes

The Top Five Hidden Islands You Should Visit

Here are our top picks for those hidden gem islands waiting to be discovered by you

Manshausen, Norway

This private island above the Arctic Circle is the perfect place if you are looking to escape to ultimate tranquillity and immerse yourself in the stunning Nordic landscape which surrounds the island. You will stay in stunning modern sea-cabins made of glass, giving you breathtaking views wherever you look. There is one shop, one restaurant which is only open in the summertime so if you visit in winter. During your stay enjoy some of the many activities offered including kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, skiing, caving and hiking. If you are seeking once in a lifetime nature retreat, then this place should be first on your list. 

Manshausen Hotel in Norway


Denis Private Island, Seychelles

For the tropical sun-seekers, this island offers the perfect solution to cure any sun crave you may have. If you are looking to disappear for a week or two, then head to Denis Private island and stay in one of the idyllic luxury cottages located on the northwestern tip of the island. This place offers more than just the ultimate sunbathing spot. For those who are seeking a little adventure, there are plenty of activities available including forest hikes where you will discover the local flora and fauna which inhabits the island. The resident experts can take you on a bird watching tour and educate you about the island's nature. Head to the Old Village craft workshops, take a tour of the farm and be amazed by the giant tortoise colony.  Equally, there are bar games available including snooker and chess. This resort had evolved around the island, and maintaining sustainability is very important. You can head out on a canoe tour around the island or sunset sortie into the lagoon is yours for the asking.

Denis Private Island in The Seychelles


Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

This luxury private island is not all about the luxury. It aims to give its clients a top quality service, but in an environmentally sustainable way. The staff aim to give its customers everything but wants them to become part of the island during their stay and understand the resort's values. The island has its own biodiversity marine reserve, which aims to not only maintain the wildlife but aid its growth. All the produce used is locally sourced and the hotel's waste is recycled. All the furnishings are made from trees on the island, and new trees have been replanted to ensure the wildlife is maintained, all of the water which is used by hotel guests is treated and reused. The resort offers incredible accommodation, including over-water bungalows and is only accessible via boat making it the perfect secret escape.  

Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia


Velaa Private Island, Maldives

If you are looking for plush villas, stunning beaches and star filled skies, then head to this desert island. The staff put your needs at the forefront of everything and can even arrange for a private DJ to come and entertain your party for an evening. The resort also has a top quality Clarins spa which offers a wide range of local and traditional treatments, a nine-hole golf course and a luxurious champagne lounge. The three-story wine cellar will keep you happy along with the stunning ocean views and gorgeous sunshine!

Velaa Private Island, Maldives


Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Tanzania

This wonderful quaint island of Pemba is home to the stunning resort Fundu Lagoon which is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a week of peace and tranquillity. Pair this resort with a safari trek through Africa. This authentic resort offers some unique accommodation options. Stay in a luxury tent right on the beach and wake to the sound of waves lapping the beach or stay further inland and enjoy the company of monkeys and tropical birds. There are some highly rated reefs around the island, and the resort has its own scuba diving instructors who will take you on some wonderful diving tours. Enjoy traditional Tanzanian cuisine, with produce that is sourced locally. During your stay, why not treat yourself with a trip to the spa which is as traditional as it can get. The ointments and remedies used are all made from native ingredients on the island and the traditional treatments offered are said to have health benefits. 

Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Tanzania


Baros The MaldivesMORE INFO
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Sri Lanka and The Maldives

If you are looking to pair adventure and culture with ultimate relaxation, then a multi-centre holiday or honeymoon to Sri Lanka and The Maldives will give you the best experience. Spend the first week exploring Sri Lanka and all that is has to offer. Visit some of its best places including Sigiriya Rock, Polonnaruwa and The Yala National Park.

The second week you will spend in absolute paradise. Stay on one of the islands in a classic water bungalow, where the ocean is right on your doorstep. Spend a week snorkeling, diving and sunbathing. 


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