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The top places to visit in Rome, according to the locals

Locals name the Colosseum as the best attraction to see in the Eternal City

A new survey of Italian locals has found that the most popular tourist attraction is the Colosseum. Over 29% of residents surveyed by a car rental company Autoclick listed the iconic and largest amphitheatre in the world as the place to visit in Rome.

Other popular locations include Old Town, the Imperial Forums, the Trevi Fountain and the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Gay holidays to Rome

The iconic structure, built in 70""80 AD, is now partially ruined due to earthquake damage and stone-robbers. The Colosseum is a renowned symbol of Imperial Rome and continues to be one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, attracting an average of 4 million tourists a year. It is the world's 39th most popular tourist destination.

Colosseum in Rome

Rome is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations of the world, due to the the number of archaeological, historic and cultural attractions. The city receives an average of 7-10 million tourists a year.

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People talk about Michelangelo’s figures, inspired by ordinary people and paying particular attention to painting sensual nudes.

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