Transgender holidays: Kellie Maloney speaks at travel conference

Our founder met with transgender activist and inspiration Kellie Maloney who spoke at the TTG Travel conference

Yesterday's TTG Media LGBT travel conference was an opportunity for people from the world of travel to come together to discuss how we can best ensure that the LGBT consumer is represented properly and how companies can learn from the likes of and what we are doing to ensure the industry is a more welcoming place for everyone.

I was lucky enough to speak alongside Kellie Maloney, formerly Frank Maloney, who not only delivered an inspirational talk but also enabled us to work on how we better understand the trans community and improve the products we are able to offer to trans customers.

Kellie Maloney and Darren Burn, founder of

Kellie made it very clear in her speech that trans customers are no different from any other customer. They want, and indeed deserve, to be treated like everyone else. The beauty of what we do and have always done at is that we personalise and tailor-make everything based on the client. Our team get to know each customer well, asking the right questions and then tailor the itinerary (for no extra cost I might add!) based on an individual.

I am excited that we'll very soon be selling some transgender specific group holidays and I certainly believe that the choices will only grow over the coming years.

People like Kellie Maloney are nothing short of inspirational, but so is everyone. And as Kelly says, we want to make sure that everyone is treated as an individual, but at the same time ensure that no one feels like they are different or not welcome.

It's why I founded and will always be at the heart of everything we do.

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