Croatia is striking in its decadent beauty, with a truly medieval touch that helps it stand out from the crowd. Castles sprinkled throughout the countryside combined with the stunning Adriatic coastline invoke a fairytale vibe that will leave you wanting more.

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Getting to Croatia

Fly to either Split or Dubrovnik in Croatia from many European cities. You can also take a ferry from Italy to Croatia if you are feeling adventurous.

General Information

Croatia is one of Europe’s hidden gems. This stunning and mysterious country is full of history. You can go island hopping and enjoy pristine beaches without being surrounded by loads of tourists. What’s more, Croatia is cheap by European standards so you can really splash out. Go before everyone else realises what they’re missing.

What Everyone Does In Croatia

Drive to the capital of Bhutan and admire the Himalayan scenery. You’ll see people spinning prayer wheels by King’s Memorial Chorten, a monument to peace. You’ll no doubt want to visit The Tiger’s Nest Monastery 900 metres about Paro Valley.

What Some People Do In Croatia

Engage in a spot of crypto-zoology and pursue the mythical Yeti. Although the fabled Yeti is probably the Himalayan bear that shouldn’t spoil the appeal of the myth. The locals will be happy to regale you with stories of this famous creature. You can also see Snow Leopards in the National Park

What No One Else Does In Croatia

As you’re in some of the world’s highest mountains you can trek into the surrounding forests, free from bustling crowds of tourists. If you’re daring head out on the treacherous Snowman Trek: a journey across the snow-capped peaks few manage to complete.

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