Czech Republic

If it’s local beers and vibrant history you’re after, you could do no better than the Czech Republic. With a vibrant gay scene, the capital of Prague is also home to a variety of shops, bars and restaurants as well as a nineteenth-century castle, a medieval town and intricate pathways. If you’re seeking day or nightlife, the Czech Republic is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Getting to Czech Republic

Prague is the main airport in the Czech Republic and is also the country's capital city.

General Information

The Czech Republic is a country with great history, architecture and beer. It also has an enviable cultural legacy for a small country. Not to mention a truly buzzing nightlife.

What Everyone Does In Czech Republic

Visit the 9th century Prague Castle. This stunning monument presides over the city. No longer a bastion of Kingly power, the castle now houses many of the great artistic treasures of Prague

What Some People Do In Czech Republic

Head to the 600-year-old St Vitus Cathedral. This stunning gothic building embodies so much of the Czech Republic’s turbulent history.

What No One Else Does In Czech Republic

Head to the Kafka Museum and learn about Prague’s greatest novelist – a writer whose legacy continues to fascinate.

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