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Gay Group Holidays to Thailand

Thailand is the unofficial gay capital of Asia. It's known as the Land of Smiles for a reason. The people of Thailand are very friendly and broadly tolerant. We have a number of gay group trips to Thailand - it's one of our most popular destinations.

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It offers the perfect combination of culture, nightlife, perfect beaches and wonderful cuisine. You can explore the bustling metropolis of Bangkok and then indulge in a bit of island hopping. You'll find secluded islands and also larger islands with buzzing gay nightlife, such as Phuket. Thailand is such a diverse destination and it's one of the most rewarding countries for gay travellers.

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Gay Group Vacations to Thailand

Bangkok is a big, brash city. You can get lost in the winding streets of Chinatown, explore the golden temples, see Buddhist monks strolling by and check out the neon-lit sleazy areas packed with sex shops and bars. It’s a city of contrasts, to say the least. Bangkok has many gay bars. One of the oldest is called Telephone – the table’s have telephones on them so you can ring someone if they take your fancy.

Phuket is right by Thailand’s southwest coast surrounded by the green Andaman Sea. It’s ideal if you want to relax, party, stay in a luxury resort or spend the whole day on the beach – we like a mix of all the above.

The street food alone makes a trip to Thailand worthwhile. Its culinary scene is very diverse. You can grab stunning, colourful dishes for next to nothing as you’re wandering the streets. Flying to Thailand may not be cheap, but when you arrive your money will go very far. As it gets dark in Thailand, the disco dollies come out to play. Your senses will be pleasantly assaulted both day and night.

Thailand attracts around 32 million visitors each year. It’s the second most visited country in Asia – behind China, of course. Thailand’s streamlined visa policy allows visitors to enter the country easily, which no doubt boosts the numbers. Whether you’re a recently graduated backpacker, a twenty-something party person, a history buff, a luxury traveller or, come to think of it, any kind of traveller, Thailand will win you over.

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Explore Thailand With Like Minded Travellers

All of our gay group trips to Thailand begin in Bangkok. You’ll want to explore the big city first and get a feel for the country in its capital. The most reliable transfers around Thailand can be found in Bangkok. As Thailand is one of our most popular destinations, we have some group trips with several departure dates throughout the year. Supposing you’d like a twin-centre itinerary, some group trips to Thailand can be combined with Cambodia.

We also have some gay sailing trips around the Thai islands. These trips are more budget-friendly and you can visit a different island every day. All of our Thailand group trips will include some island hopping.

If you’ve never been on a group trip before and you don’t have a specific destination in mind, Thailand is a great choice. It’s a very welcoming country and it offers a little bit of everything. If you go once you’ll want to go back every year.

Gay Group Travel in Thailand

Gay Group Travel in Thailand

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