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Gay Group Trip: Gay History Tour Of Greece

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Group Trip

Discover gay Greece and its history on this gay history tour of the country filled with treasures including the same-sex love stories of Harmodius and Aristogeiton who as a couple were credited by Athenians as those who founded its democracy.

Visit Athens and discover the famous temples of the Acropolis before taking day trips to other incredible sights of the mainland such as a trip south to the Peloponnese. You’ll learn about the story of Achilles and Patroclus – which is a focal point of gay history. You’ll also visit Delphi to see the shrine at which Roman Emperor Hadrian’s lover Antinous was worshipped. You’ll also learn about Zeus and his boyfriend Ganymede.

Then it’s on to the beautiful island of Mykonos in the Cyclades which is known for its famous gay beaches and gay nightlife. From here you’ll visit Delos which is a beautifully preserved ancient city that also happens to be home to a remarkable alley of stone phalluses.

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Group Trip Breakdown

Professor Andrew Lear – Gay Historian

About Your Guide

These tours are led by esteemed Professor Andrew Lear. He combines his passion for travel with his excellent knowledge of gay history.

Holding both a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from UCLA, he has also published a widely praised book on male-male love in ancient Greek art, as well as a number of important scholarly articles in this area.

Acropolis in Athens Greece

Day 1: Athens

After you arrive in Athens, you’ll start by taking a walk through the city. Get your first look at the Acropolis where you’ll find stunning temples in a dramatic setting.

Gay history in Athens is all around you. You’ll see the Ilissos, the river where Plato’s dialogues see Socrates talk about male-male love; the statue of flamboyant Lord Byron and the remains of the temple built by Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Professor Lear will guide you and then impart a lecture on ancient Greek history before you enjoy a welcome meal of traditional Greek food at a roof-top restaurant with beautiful views of the illuminated Acropolis.

Agora, Athens Greece

Day 2: Athens

Explore the Acropolis today with an archaeologist who will share its secrets. You’ll head to the hilltop to discover its incredible structures before visiting the new museum at its base.

You’ll then continue after lunch to the heart of the ancient city, visiting the Agora which was the city’s central marketplace. Continue to the city’s main cemetery – Kerameikos – where Pericles delivered his now-famous immortal funeral oration.

Peloponnese trees Greece

Day 3: The Peloponnese

Today you’ll venture out of Athens on a day trip to explore the sights of the northern Peloponnese, just across the Corinthian Gulf.

You’ll stop at Nemea, the site of one of the ancient Greek world’s four great athletic competitions. Though less well known than Olympia, it’s of special interest because of its homoerotic graffiti from 2500 years ago that still adorn its walls.

After lunch, you’ll visit the ruins of Mycenae which is at the heart of Homer’s Iliad. You’ll learn about Achilles and his possible lover Patroclus.

It’s then on to the world’s best-preserved ancient theatre in nearby Epidauros before you return to Athens for a free evening.

Greek cooking

Day 4: Athens

Today you’ll visit the National Archaeological Musem which has the world’s greatest collection of ancient Greek sculpture.

Learn about Professor Lear’s speciality – Greek vases – before this afternoon you are free to explore the tavernas and shops of the city more.

This evening, there is an option to enjoy a traditional Greek cooking lesson with a renowned local chef and then taste your results.

Delphi Greece

Day 5: Delphi

Today you’ll take another day trip to visit one of Greece’s most famous locations – Delphi.

This is where the ancient Greeks came to consult the oracle of Apollo. This vast site will have you awestruck as you discover cult statues of Antinous – Emperor Hadrian’s deified lover.

On your way back to Athens you’ll visit a rarely seen site that is rich in gay history – the lion monument of Chaironeia. It was built to commemorate a warrior unit composed exclusively of couples.

Mykonos windmills

Day 6: Mykonos

Take the ferry across the Aegean for a stunning view of the Greek islands. Reach beautiful Mykonos at lunchtime where you’ll find whitewashed tavernas and its famous gay beach and nightlife.

Enjoy an evening exploring the quaint alleys and cobbled streets of Mykonos town.

Delos Mykonos

Day 7: Mykonos

This morning you’ll visit the nearby island of Delos – perhaps the best preserved ancient town in Greece. There are remains of grand houses and temples as well as the famous alley of phallus statues at the temple of Bacchus.

Mykonos Town, LIttle Venice

Day 8: Mykonos

Today you’re free to explore the island. Those who want to join Professor Lear at the archaeological museum will be treated to a vase with one of the most important male-male scenes in Greek vase painting.

This evening you’ll gather for a seafood dinner to say farewell to your new friends and to Greece and its incredible history.

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