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Located at the meeting point between the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, Cuba fuses vibrant Spanish culture with beautiful, white sanded beaches. Cuba is one the Caribbean's most diverse islands in terms of what it has to offer. It boasts everything from remote valleys, to mountain ranges, to its lively cities, to tobacco and sugar cane plantations, to the world's most breathtaking beaches, to amazing people. All of which cumulate to create a truly remarking experience experience for travellers.

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Holidays to Cuba What to do in Cuba

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A tricky destination to tackle with the sanctions the US placed on Cuba which have recently been lifted but if you are looking to experience original culture then visit Cuba. It may be slightly behind the rest of the world in regards to its tourism industry but this only makes it more true to the country's original roots.

The rustic feel is why so many people fall in love with the country and return year on year. If you are prepared to sacrifice luxury in some places then you are rewarded with an unforgettable holiday.

Whether you are exploring the cobbled streets of Old Havana or cruising along the coastline in an old Chevrolet your time in Cuba is sure to be like none other. Vinales is famous for producing some of Cuba's finest cigars. You can visit a cigar factory and see the process of making a cigar right from the planting to the rolling. If you are seeking a spot of relaxation, then Varadero is your next destination and is said to have some of the best beaches the Caribbean has to offer. 

What everyone does in Cuba

Head to Havana and soak up the classic Cuban culture. The colourful buildings, the old fashioned cars and the history which lie within the streets of Old Havana. 

What some people do in Cuba

There is so much to Cuba after your stop in Havana head back in time to Trinidad and take in this quaint town. It may be set in the past but the lively atmosphere makes it a fantastic place to visit. Other places you must experience are Cienfuegos, Vinales and Varadero. 

What no one else does in Cuba

We can build you an itinerary allowing you to not only experience Cuba but Cancun in Mexico and New Orleans in the US in one mega trip. Combining these three destinations will give you a taste of everything, check it out here

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