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Known for its spectacular Algarve beaches, Portugal is a country rich in tradition from its oceanic influences. The relaxing beaches provide a luxurious feel throughout the day, whilst the lively scenic towns provide a wonderful contrast of stunning architecture, unique cuisine and energetic folk music.

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Holidays to Portugal What to do in Portugal

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If you are looking for a beach holiday but don’t want to travel a long way to reach it, Portugal is a fabulous destination to consider. The Algarve, which is located in the South of Portugal is blessed with wonderful sunshine and a gorgeous picturesque coastline. There are lots of lovely hotels you can stay in.

Fill your days with sun, surfing and sand and your evenings with the large amount of entertainment available in the locals towns. Head to the beach bars and discos and dance the night away under a starlit sky. The Algarve is also home to several beautiful castles, so if you fancy a break from the beach, there is plenty of other activities you can do.

The capital city Lisbon has a wonderful culture behind its walls. This gothic yet glamourous city is a lovely addition to add onto your beach holiday. There are plenty of sites to see and things to do, including a trip to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos which is a famous monastery in Lisbon. Visit the Castelo de São Jorge which is one of Lisbon’s famous castles which was built in the 2nd century BC but has been expanded since then.

What everyone does in Portugal

If you are looking for a great beach holiday then the Algarve is the perfect destination. Along with the beautiful sandy beaches, stunning cliff edges and warm med sea, the Algarve has a lot to offer, including great night life, historic castles and diving.

What some people do in Portugal

Why not pair your sunny beach holiday with a stop in Lisbon, the country’s capital. There are plenty of cultural spots you can visit making it a nice addition to your trip.  

What no one else does in Portugal

Pico island is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea but is part of Portugal. This tiny island can be reached via Lisbon, and is also home to the highest mountain in Portugal. This island is a great addition if you are looking to visit somewhere unusual and is great if you want to avoid tourists.

Luxury holidays to Portugal Weather in Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic destination to visit during the summer months. It can reach temperatures of 33°C in July and in January temperatures get as low as 6°C, however, the average is 12°C so it is still fairly mild. December is the rainiest month with around 117mm of precipitation.  

Portugal Weather in January

January is the coldest month of the year with averages reaching around 12°C. January is also quite a wet month with around 85mm of rain. 

  6°C - 16°C

Portugal Weather in February

The weather continues to be relatively cold with daily averages reaching 13°C. Levels of precipitation also decrease with the monthly average being 25mm. 

  7°C - 18°C

Portugal Weather in March

March continues to get warmer with average daily temperatures reaching 15°C. March can get as warm as 21°C and there are around 7 hours of sunlight during the day. 

  8°C - 21°C

Portugal Weather in April

April is similar to March, daily temperature is around 16°C on average. Rainfall for April is around 38mm.  

  11°C - 23°C

Portugal Weather in May

May continues to get warmer with averages reaching 18°C. May is just before the start of the peak season, so if you wish to avoid the school holidays May is always a nice month to visit. 

  14°C - 25°C

Portugal Weather in June

With temperatures reaching 28°C during the day and only 11mm of rainfall on average, June is a very pleasant month to visit Portugal. 

  27°C - 32°C

Portugal Weather in July

July is the middle of peak season with temperatures reaching 33°C. There is very little rainfall during the month but this means resort prices are higher. 

  19°C - 33°C

Portugal Weather in August

August continues to be lovely and warm with daily averages reaching 26°C. August sees 12 hours of sunshine so get used to long lazy days sunbathing on the beach. There is virtually no rainfall. 

  19°C - 33°C

Portugal Weather in September

September is a pleasant month, temperatures are a little cooler and there is still very little rainfall. Resorts will begin to become less crowded with schools starting again. 

  17°C - 29°C

Portugal Weather in October

In October, temperatures start to drop further with daily averages reaching 19°C, which is till nice and mild. Rain starts to increase slightly with averages reaching 57mm for the month. 

  14°C - 25°C

Portugal Weather in November

November sees a further drop in temperature with daily averages reaching 16°C. 

  11°C - 20°C

Portugal Weather in December

In December there is a significant increase in rainfall with around 117mm for the month. Daily averages for December are around 14°C. 

  9°C - 17°C
More weather updates for Portugal coming soon

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