Gay Group Trip: Enchanting Ireland

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Explore the wonders of the Emerald Isle on this group trip. Ireland is one of the most enchanting countries in Europe. The dazzling landscapes, turbulent history and friendly people make Ireland such a unique place to visit.

From the cosmopolitan capital of Dublin, to quaint villages offset by medieval castles and mist filled forests, you’ll see a bit of everything. We’ll walk the historic walls of Derry, enjoy a pint of Guinness in a proper pub and have lunch in Sligo: where the world’s first ‘takeaway’ was established 4000 years ago.

In Dublin you’ll walk the streets in the footsteps of James Joyce and the other great artists who have immortalised the city. 

Departure Dates For Gay Group Trip: Enchanting Ireland

Group Trip Breakdown

Dublin Castle Ireland

Day 1 - Dublin

When you arrive at the airport we’ll have you transferred to the Dylan Hotel. We’ll have a festive lunch at the classic Irish pub, Nancy Hands.

We’ll then explore the enchanting streets of Dublin, including a whisky tasting session at the Old Jameson Distillery. We’ll return to the Dylan Hotel for dinner.

Day 2 - Dublin And Glendalough

When you arrive at the airport we’ll have you transferred to the Dylan Hotel. We’ll have a festive lunch at the classic Irish pub, Nancy Hands. We’ll then explore the enchanting streets of Dublin, including a whisky tasting session at the Old Jameson Distillery. We’ll return to the Dylan Hotel for dinner.

Day 3 - Dublin And Belfast

Today we’ll head to Boyne Valley in County Meath. This river once supported a major neolithic society. We’ll see the ruins of a 900-year-old Cistercian abbey. The first Cistercians were invited to Ireland in the 12th-century, and their community has been there ever since.

We’ll visit the seat of the ancient Celtic Kings of Ireland. All that remains of their hill forts are circles where the buildings once stood in ancient times. We’ll also visit a Norman castle in the location where Mel Gibson filmed Braveheart.

It’ll then be time to visit Belfast. We’ll see the peace wall that separates Protestant and Catholic communities. We’ll also learn about the troubles that tore Ireland apart for so long. After dining at Deanes Meat Locker, we’ll then go to the Merchant Hotel, and perhaps enjoy a drink or two.

Day 4 - Giant's Causeway and Derry

We’ll take a trip to the Carrick-a-Red Rope Bridge. It was built by fishermen 350 years ago, and if you’re bold enough to cross it you’ll be rewarded with stunning views. You’ll see Rathlin Island, Scotland, and, if you dare to look down, green water flowing through the caves and caverns.

Our tour guide will show us Giant’s Causeway, with its great basalt columns, formed by an ancient volcanic eruption. We’ll then head to Bushmills and dine at the Bushmills Inn. In the evening we’ll head to Derry and spend the night at the Shipquay Boutique Hotel.

Day 5 - Derry, Sligo And Mayo

Today we’ll venture to the final resting place of W.B. Yeats: Drumcliffe in County Sligo. The graveyard is also the site of a 6th-century Colombian monastery.

We’ll visit Ashford Castle, Ireland’s most iconic hotel. Built in 1228, this castle is now part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection. We’ll have dinner here tonight and enjoy the stunning surroundings. Gentlemen must wear jackets and ties after 7 pm, so be prepared.

Day 6 - Greenway And Lough Corrib

After exploring the stunning Great Western Greenway cycling trail, we’ll enjoy a 2-hour cruise on Lough Corrib. We’ll have a guided stopover at the Isle of Innisfree. In the evening we’ll dine regally at Ashford Castle. Jackets and ties will be expected after 7 pm.

Day 7 - Mohr, Limerick And Killarney

The cliffs of Moher in County Clare attract a million visitors a year. This is Ireland’s most popular place of natural beauty so we’ll be paying a visit.

The stunning cliffs stretch for five miles. We’ll then explore the rocky karst landscape in County Clare. In the evening we’ll head to the boutique Ross Hotel for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Day 8 - Ring of Kerry

A tour guide will escort us to the magical Ring Of Kelly in the Iveragh Peninsula. If you’d like you can spend the day hiking and enjoy this stunning landscape.

Follow the Butter Road and climb Tor Mountain. Or, if you prefer, relax and drink beer. In the evening we’ll dine at Cellar One in the Ross Hotel.

Day 9 - Gap Of Dunloe

We’ll head to the Gap of Dunloe in the Purple Mountains of Killarney. We’ll see wonderful lakes connected by the River Loe. Between the first two lakes we’ll cross the Wishing Bridge, so called because it is said that if you make a wish there it will come true. This will be quite an adventure, we’ll take bus ride to Kate Kearney’s cottage; then we’ll drive through a glaciated valley for a barbecue at Lord Brandon’s cottage.

In the evening we’ll dine at Jarvey’s Rest on delicious gastropub food and stay at the Ross Hotel.

Day 10 - Glengariff and Cork

Today we’ll explore Garnish Island in Southwest Ireland. Garden lovers will be impressed. This place is renowned for its stunning horticulture. We’ll have a pub lunch on our way to Cork. In the evening we’ll stay at the River Lee Hotel.

Day 11 - Kilkenny and Dublin

We’ll head to the medieval city of Kilkenny. This city has incredible heritage, and much of the layout of the city reflects its medieval roots. We’ll see Saint Canice, one of the oldest monastic settlements in Ireland. We’ll see the castle of Kilkenny, originally a Norman fort. The 1641 Confederation of Kilkenny presided over Kilkenny’s golden age until Oliver Cromwell’s invasion. This invasion devasted Ireland and Kilkenny has never been the same since. The extraordinary history of Ireland – its glories and tragedies – make it such a dazzling place. This trip will give you a deeper understanding of that history and its cultural legacy.

We’ll have a farewell dinner at the Beef and Lobster, and spend the night at the Dylan hotel.

Day 12 - Dublin

It’s our final day. After a mind-expanding adventure we’ll be saying our goodbyes, and heading to the airport. It will be time to say farewell, Ireland.

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