Gay Group Trip: Sailing Sardinia And Corsica

7 days£895

This gay group trip combines the elegance of the French-owned Corsica island with the Mediterranean feel of the Italian island of Sardinia. Experience island hopping with other gay men as you take in historic old towns with beautiful ports, secluded beaches and pristine bays, seeing the sun rise and set each day over the horizon of the ocean and much more. This is a trip for those looking to relax and unwind.

Departure Dates For Gay Group Trip: Sailing Sardinia And Corsica

Group Trip Breakdown

Salty Boys

Day 1: Olbia

Olbia is your starting and ending point for your sailing holiday around Sardinia and Corsica. An old port town, Olbia is a very underrated destination in Sardinia, often being bypassed as just a place to enter and leave. It holds, however, a fantastic old town full of old architecture with plenty of boutiques, bars and classy restaurants to enjoy. It is also home to the marvellous Archeology Museum of Olbia where you can find many fascinating relics and artefacts including an old Roman vessel that was discovered in the old port.

Day 2: Isole Le Camere

Isole Le Camere are a number of rock islands in the Mortorio archipelago off the coast of Sardinia that are popular with divers due to the rich underwater life that thrives off the many bays the islands feature. The jagged, rocky islands are protected by the National Park of the Bocche di Bonifacio due to their natural beauty and are little islets of natural paradise waiting to be explored.

Day 3: La Maddalena Archipelego

La Maddalena is an archipelago of islands between Sardinia and Corsica that are so breathtaking they have been declared a National Park. Full of turquoise lagoons, deserted islands, and jaw-dropping beaches, this is the ultimate place to relax, soak in the sun and admire the power of nature. You’ll find some of the clearest water in all of Italy here, perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and diving as well as a stunning pink beach on the isle of Budelli which features flamingo pink sands due to the breakup of shells of small marine animals.

Day 4: Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi archipelago is a group of small little islands found between Sardinia and Corsica. Barely inhabited, you won’t find a single hotel, cafe, or even toilet on these islands and so you’ll find deserted beaches and bays and horizons from the rocky, granite landscape. Again, the waters here are crystal-clear and this is another perfect place to enjoy relaxing in the sun. These islands were also the backdrop for the 1952 Bridgitte Bardot film ‘Manina, the Girl in the Bikini’.

Day 5: Roccapina Beach

The beach of Roccapina is absolutely beautiful, not only for the sandy shore but for the panoramic views that you can experience from hiking up the hills surrounding it. As it is fairly difficult to get to for tourists on the island it is rarely too busy, meaning more space for you to sunbathe and swim in the emerald green waters.

Day 6: Bonifacio

Found at the southern tip of Corsica, the charming town of Bonifacio draws people in with its lovely harbour, elegant feel, and houses that dot the tops of the cliffs, looking down to the rocky shores and blue waters. Take a stroll through the medieval old-town and enjoy the many shops and restaurants that line the cobbled streets as well as the few churches and residential streets.

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