If marvelling at ancient cities, outstanding heritage and incredible scenery found nowhere else is what draws you to a destination, Peru is as exotic as it can possibly get. Home to part of the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain range and the historic city of Cusco, the real wonder lies in world heritage site Machu Picchu, a lost Incan city set high in the Andes mountains.

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Gay Group Trip: Luxury Machu Picchu

Gay Peru: Discover the mystery and magic that awaits you amongst the mountaintops in Peru, hidden amongst the clouds, holding secrets of centuries and empires past just waiting to be discovered. This gay group trip takes you to the fascinating...

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Gay Group Trip: Peru 8 Day Inca Adventure

Gay Peru: This 8-day trip through Peru mixes a laid-back travel concept with Peru’s most unique and memorable sites to form an adventure that you’ll be talking about forever. Whether you’ve always dreamed of soaking up the incredible mountaintop Inca...

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Gay Group Trip: Peru 12 Day Inca Adventure

Gay Peru group trip: Our 12-day trip through Peru will give you the chance to see the remains of the Inca civilisation, including the glorious ruins of Machu Picchu. We’ll take a train ride through the Andes, explore a desert...

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Gay Group Trip: Peru, Magic And Machu Picchu

Gay Group Peru Adventure: For thousands of years, Peru’s extraordinary beauty has been both the backdrop of incredible cultural and spiritual expression and a pallet for architectural artists. Your journey will take you through the cultural heart of Lima, charming...

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Getting to Peru

International flights go direct to Lima, but for those destinations which don't fly direct you can reach the country via many of the South American hubs.

General Information

A mountainous country with an incredible history, Peru is one for the bucket list. From the famous lost city of Machu Picchu in the soaring peaks of the Andes to the fastness of the Amazon jungle, there’s a lot to explore.

What Everyone Does In Peru

Explore the capital city of Lima. Classic colonial architecture, modern buildings and bustling streets vie with the surrounding peaks of the Andes. Lima boasts a great collection of pre-conquistador art. If you like fish you must try ceviche.

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