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Join a gay yacht cruise in the Seychelles. With so many beautiful islands to see and experience, cruising around the Seychelles is a must. This gay group cruise is definitely the way to experience all the best highlights as you’ll get to be with like-minded people whilst visiting some amazing locations. These include the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve at Praslin, the boulder formations at La Digue and the ultimate nature reserve at Aride Island. Please note that for the 25th August departure date, the itinerary may be subject to a few changes. If you are interested in this cruise for this date, please complete the enquiry form and we will inform you of these itinerary changes and all the relevant details.

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Group Trip Breakdown

Day 1: Arrival

Today is the first day of your cruise of the beautiful islands of the Seychelles. Once you’ve boarded the vessel you’ll receive a welcoming briefing from the captain about your exciting time ahead. Following from this, you’ll depart from Port Victoria on route to Round Island where you’ll enjoy a brilliant barbeque in the evening – a great taster of Creole cuisine.

Day 2: Praslin

Day two will see you cruising towards the Isle of Prasline, here you will stop off for a visit to the World Heritage Site, the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve. There is so much to explore here including the intriguing pathways underneath the massive palm trees, the unusually shaped coconut: the Coco De Mer, and much more. After your discovery of the famous World Heritage Site, you’ll get back on board where you can spend the rest of your day enjoying wonderful water sports including snorkelling and diving.

Day 3: La Digue

Today you’ll voyage to the island of La Digue. Upon arrival, you’ll get to witness the well known large granite boulder formations found at Anse Source d’Argent beach as well as having the rest of your day to explore the rest of the island and all its wonders; including the Union Estate, where you can see vanilla plantations and much more.

Day 4: Grande Soeur To Petite Soeur

Day four sees you cruising to the delightful sister islands of Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur. Here you’ll get the chance to partake in a phenomenal diving experience after which you’ll get to relax on the two uninhabited islands – a completely unique experience. What’s more is that in the afternoon you’ll visit Coco Island, where you’ll get to see the spectacular sight of the tropical fish whilst you snorkel.

Day 5: Aride Island

Today you’ll cruise to Aride Island, home to the amazing nature reserve where you’ll get to see the vast birdlife species, so vast in fact that the island has the largest birdlife population compared with any of the other islands in the Seychelles. A must see whilst your here is the beautiful route of the nature trail which leads up to a spectacular cliff top view which is truly unforgettable.

Day 6: Curieuse Island

On day six you’ll visit Curieuse islands, here you’ll get to discover the huge tortoise farm, the vast mangrove forests as well as the cultural ruins. Following from this you’ll have the rest of your day to immerse yourself in the crystal clear turquoise waters whilst enjoying a great array of water sports both here and at St Pierre island.

Day 7: St Anne island

On your final day, you’ll be cruising back towards Mahe. Before you arrive, you’ll stop off at the beautiful St Anne Island for a farewell dinner. You’ll be staying overnight in Ile Seche.

Day 8: Departure

You’ll set off early this morning on route to Port Victoria, here you will transfer back to the airport for your flight home.

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