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Visit the fascinating prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri.

On the southwestern tip of the Greek island of Santorini lies one of the Aegean’s most significant archaeological sites: the ancient city of Akrotiri. This remarkably well-preserved Minoan town was buried under volcanic ash when the island’s famous volcano erupted around 1600 BCE. Today, Akrotiri provides a fascinating window into Bronze Age life in the Cyclades.

When was Akrotiri discovered?

Excavations began at Akrotiri in 1967, spearheaded by Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos. The dig uncovered an elaborate settlement with multi-story buildings, advanced drainage systems, and colorful wall frescoes depicting scenes of nature, people, and mythology. Artifacts like pottery, tools, and furniture remain intact thanks to the layers of ash that covered Akrotiri after the volcano’s eruption. It’s believed that inhabitants were able to evacuate before disaster struck.

Akrotiri reflects features of early Minoan civilization centered on the nearby island of Crete, including architectural styles and fresco artistry. Narrow cobblestone streets connect the well-planned city dotted with homes and public buildings. Akrotiri clearly was a prosperous port town engaged in trade and cultural exchange throughout the Mediterranean.


What is Akrotiri like now?

Visitors can view the site’s highlights on guided tours along designated walkways. The famous frescoes now reside mainly in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, but you can see replicas showcasing their impressive artistry. Sturdy three-story structures give a sense of Akrotiri’s size and urban design, including details like windows, staircases, and clay pipes. Stop inside the “Xeste 3” building to observe millennia-old milling tools, mortars, and eating vessels.

At the southern end stands the renowned House of the Ladies, named for the fresco fragment depicting graceful women in complex robes. This grand villa had around 35 rooms on multiple levels, with an ingenious drainage system to handle water runoff from the roof. Nearby lies the House of the Admirals, one of Akrotiri’s royal residences adorned with elaborate frescoes.

Heading north, you’ll pass the House of the Red Walls before reaching the Central Square. This open marketplace likely hosted public events and rituals in Akrotiri. Continuing past temples and monumental civic buildings, the North House boasts eyecatching frescoes like the Spring Flowers, showing swallows swooping among blooming lilies.

Akrotiri’s West House delivers the most complete fresco program surviving today, with subjects like monkeys, fishermen, and boys picking saffron crocuses. This villa also retained several upper levels, giving a sense of Akrotiri’s vertical design. The neighboring House of the Ladies showcases an elaborate toilet drainage system and female figures painted in Minoan fashion.

akrotiri church


Why is it worth visiting Akrotiri?

After being unearthed from ash after thousands of years, Akrotiri’s ruins transport visitors back to an era when Aegean civilizations prospered through maritime trade and cultural ingenuity. While roughly a third has been excavated, Akrotiri remains a remarkably intact window into this sophisticated prehistoric society on Santorini. Wandering the ancient streets today, you can vividly glimpse life in the vibrant Cycladic port town suddenly halted by volcanic forces beyond its inhabitants’ control.


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