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For the artsy couple

Luxury Rome Weekend 5*


If you both enjoy immersing yourself in the history of a place, Rome has to be the best romantic getaway – it’s in the name after all. Full of myths and legends about earth-shattering love amongst the Gods, Rome is like your very own fairytale. Take a trip here if you can’t wait to be pulled by the hand to every piece of incomparable art and architecture.

For the adventurous couple

Norway – Northern Lights and Snowmobiling Adventure

Northern Lights

If you love them best when you’re making unique, exploratory memories together, The Northern Lights might be another adventure you want to tick off your list. Gaze up at the night sky together, forgetting about the cold and fall in love with the lights overhead. A snowmobile ride will get your adrenaline going beforehand.

For the classic couple

Romance in Venice


What romantic getaway list is complete without Venice? The gondola is the best way to get around, as you can both relax and take in the beauty around every twist of the canal. But don’t underestimate the romance in simply getting lost down Venice’s winding streets hand in hand. If you’re at your happiest when the two of you are just wandering around aimlessly, discovering new hidden beauty spots, Venice is your romantic ideal.

For the luxurious couple

Ultra Luxury Thailand Escape

Thailand boat

If you both love to be pampered, go on a relaxing tour of the luxuries of Thailand. Even the cultural highlights are calming- immerse yourselves in Buddhist culture or sample dishes from superior restaurants. If you still need an extra dose of relaxation, you can always treat yourselves to a massage or spa treatment. Naka Yai Island is a breathtaking getaway where you can float in crystal waters, or appreciate each other just lying in the sunshine.

For the couple looking to relax (or not!)

The BodyHoliday St Lucia


If the two of you can usually be found jogging round the park together, or the gym is your second home, St Lucia is your dream getaway. If you’d like to slow down for a change, or just take advantage of having each other’s undivided attention, you’ll love lounging in the spa. With a different treatment every day, not even a delayed flight home could stress you out (in fact, you might be desperate to stay longer!) But, if you really can’t keep still, choose our Active Break package instead, where you can take in the island’s serene views at a faster pace.

For the engaged couple

Gay Wedding in Japan

Gay Wedding in Japan

The ultimate romantic holiday highlight – get married abroad! The pair of you can feel beautiful as you get prepared for the best day of your lives, surrounded by lush gardens. Tie the knot in Shunkoin Temple, a backdrop of elegant timelessness. You can keep to yourselves in a luxury hotel, or go explore the rest of Japan as a married couple. Either way, Japan will appeal to anyone’s tastes-the bright city lights and its peaceful, blossom-filled hideaways can both charm you.

For the couple desperate for some peace

Bora Bora Private Island Escape

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

You can’t get much more private than staying on your very own remote island. The rooms are spacious, featuring lavish wooden floors and beams inspired by the traditional housing of Bora Bora. With views of the ocean on all sides, you’ll be dreaming you’re still swimming in the beautiful blue waters. You’re in charge; just let Out Of Office know what you want and we can make it happen. The Sofitel islet makes a more-than-perfect Honeymoon location, or the ultimate romantic treat for you and your partner. And if you fancy tying the knot here, you can do that too!

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