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We are experts in gay vacations. We've been sending people on their travels for years and have some of the best gay vacations on the planet. From gay group vacations to luxury tailor-made getaways, our team specializes in building the perfect gay vacation itinerary.

Here at Out Of Office, we truly understand the world you live in, and the world you want to explore. Our attention to detail, exceptional service and deep understanding of both luxury travel and LGBTQ+ travel make us a fantastic choice for those looking for a travel experience where exclusivity meets inclusivity.

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At Out Of Office, we believe in creating gay vacations that deeply resonate with your identity and preferences. This could mean arranging a secluded, romantic getaway on a picturesque Greek island, participating in the colorful festivities of a Pride event in Berlin, or delving into the rich LGBTQ+ history of New York City. Every recommendation we provide is meticulously tailored to your needs, acknowledging both the joys and challenges of gay travel. With us, your journey becomes an exploration of the world's diversity, experienced through the unique lens of the gay traveler.

In countries where conservative views prevail, we excel at ensuring discretion, guaranteeing that your gay vacation is both safe and enjoyable. On the other hand, in destinations renowned for their LGBTQ+ inclusivity, such as Amsterdam or San Francisco, we guide you straight to the heart of the vibrant gay scene. Whether you're seeking lively nightlife, community events, or cultural hotspots, our insights are invaluable in building the perfect itinerary tailored to you.

We're dedicated to opening the world to everyone and understanding the nuances of traveling to places where being gay may not be as widely accepted. Our experts, having personal experiences in these situations, provide open and honest advice. If you travel to Sri Lanka, the Maldives, or Egypt, you may have different concerns as a gay traveler - not least your own safety. Homosexuality is illegal in almost half of all UN member states. However, the truth is never pure and rarely simple. Read on to explore our take on LGBT+ travel to less liberal countries, and how to stay safe on those gay vacations.

For those looking for a gay-centric getaway, the international gay jet set congregates every year in places like Mykonos, Provincetown, and Sitges - destinations we know inside and out. We can tailor-make the perfect luxury travel experience in the most gay-friendly places, and have done just that for thousands of customers around the world.

The Ten Best Gay Group Trips for 2024 / 2025
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The Ten Best Gay Group Trips for 2024 / 2025

For some, the prospect of traveling solo can seem a bit daunting. Joining a luxury gay group tour can be the ideal solution. We offer many hugely popular gay group getaways to a diverse array of destinations. All you need...

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Gay Group Trip: Adventures in Japan
Gay Group Trip: Adventures in Japan

Group Trip Departs: • 17th October 2024 • 29th October 2024 • 24th March 2025 • 3rd April 2025

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Gay Group Trip: Luxury Safari in Kenya
Gay Group Trip: Luxury Safari in Kenya

Group Trip Departs: • 20th February 2025

Embark on an extraordinary journey with this luxury Kenya safari gay group trip. This 11-day adventure is a deep dive into the heart of Africa’s rich wildlife and cultural tapestry. Begin in the vast plains of Amboseli National Park, where...

Gay Group Trip: Luxury Safari in Africa
Gay Group Trip: Luxury Safari in Africa

Group Trip Departs: • 10th November 2025

Join your fellow gay travelers for a spellbinding 12-day adventure through South Africa’s most iconic destinations on this luxurious gay group trip. Your journey starts in the heart of Cape Town, a city brimming with character, from its stunning Table...

Gay Group Trip: Luxury Andalucia Spanish Tour
Gay Group Trip: Luxury Andalucia Spanish Tour

Group Trip Departs: • 3rd October 2025

Embark on a journey to Andalusia, Spain, where history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes converge to create an unforgettable experience. This nine-day gay group adventure will immerse you in the rich tapestry of Andalucía, a land steeped in Moorish heritage and...

Gay Group Trip: Galápagos Expedition
Gay Group Trip: Galápagos Expedition

Group Trip Departs: • 28th August 2025

Embark on an 11-day journey around the stunning Galápagos. You’ll sail on the National Geographic Endeavour II, which promises an immersive and intimate escapade for just 96 guests. Discover the Galapagos’ rich wildlife, active volcanoes, and expansive Marine Reserve, all...

Gay Group Trip: Oriental Express in Malaysia
Gay Group Trip: Oriental Express in Malaysia

Group Trip Departs: • 3rd November 2025

Embark on an extraordinary luxury LGBT Malaysia tour aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express on this gorgeous gay group trip. This journey is a perfect blend of luxurious elegance and adventure, taking you through Malaysia’s ever-changing landscapes in style...

Best Gay Travel Destinations

There are more active Grindr users in the Greater London area than in any other city. In numerical terms, London is the world’s gayest city, making it a must for a gay vacation. London is a gateway to the world. It’s so diverse and it attracts over 20 million visitors each year. There’s a sense that you can meet anyone in London – which in no small part explains why it feels so exciting. There’s a buzz in this city that’s totally unique. It’s also packed with culture and gay nightlife, especially in the Soho area.

If London is the world’s gayest city in numerical terms, Berlin is certainly the queerest. Back in the days of the Weimar Republic (1918-1933), Berlin was packed with smoke-filled cabarets. It was a place of sexual experimentation. A place where the lines between gender and sexuality blurred. It remains a haven of queer culture to this day and it’s a major draw for gay travelers. If you’re looking to party then Berlin is the place to be.

Thailand is the unofficial gay travel capital of Asia. Bangkok is home to a big gay scene that attracts gay travelers from all over the world. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for a reason: it’s very friendly. You’ll also find buzzing gay scenes on the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. A big cultural highlight of Thailand is Ayutthaya, the former capital. Abandoned in 1767, it’s full of enigmatic temples and ruins.

Sitges is a great choice for a sunny gay vacation in Europe. It’s a charming coastal town on the Costa Brava. Barcelona is just 40 minutes away by train. Sitges isn’t a cultural destination – save all that for Barcelona. It’s a party and relaxation destination. Sitges is mostly populated by upwardly mobile gay male travelers from Europe and North America. It attracts a wide age range, so you’ll see disco dollies and disco daddies going about their business. In peak season it’s one of the gayest places on the planet.

At the tip of Cape Cod in eastern Massachusetts, you’ll find Provincetown. It has long been a haven for artists and, as night follows day, LGBT+ people. The drag clubs, shops, and galleries along Commercial Street are always bustling in peak season. Provincetown is one of the most inclusive towns in the USA. John Waters spends much of the year in Provincetown, incidentally. It’s one of the best places to be for a gay vacation in the USA.

For a bit of Floribbean realness head to Key West. It’s one of the most remote parts of the USA, but this Florida island is a major draw for gay travelers. Like Provincetown, Key West is also something of an artists’ colony. Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams are counted among the former residents. At New Year, the reigning local drag queen Sushi descends from the rafters outside Bourbon Steet from a giant shoe.

Last but certainly not least is the gayest Grecian islands. Mykonos is known as the gay party island and it’s also impossibly chic. A two-hour ferry ride away you’ll find Santorini, an even more glamorous island destination. We think a gay vacation to Mykonos is a must for gay people worldwide.

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Gay Vacations

The law vs. reality: Gay travel to the Maldives

A vacation to the Maldives is certainly something at the top of many people’s bucket lists – and rightly so. Not only does it offer some of the most beautiful resorts on the planet but the people are friendly, the...

A City Guide To Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The big attractions are the white sand beaches, chic hotels, buzzing nightlife and excellent gastronomy. It’s considered to be a top foodie destination in Mexico, second only to...

Unusual Gay Travel Destinations

We send a lot of gay travelers to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Egypt – countries where homosexuality is illegal. How, you may ask, can gay travelers go to countries governed under Sharia law? The reality on the ground is often different from what you’d expect. As long as you’re discrete you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s risky for straight couples to show signs of affection publicly. It’s also untoward to express political bias (even waving the rainbow flag is ill-advised). As long as you conduct yourself in a relatively modest way in public you’ll be fine. We only work with the most gay-friendly hotels and tour guides, so you can expect a welcome reception and no awkward questions surrounding your sleeping arrangements.

We work with hotels in the Maldives that we have personally vetted. The Maldives‘ many resorts are not subject to the same laws that govern the rest of the country. The resorts are essentially privately owned fiefdoms. Alcohol is illegal in the Maldives but it’s widely available at the resorts. Gay travel in the Maldives isn’t off-limits – you just have to find the right resort, which is where Out Of Office comes in.

At Out Of Office, we can also send you to gay-friendly safari lodges in Tanzania, gay-friendly lodges in Zimbabwe (close to Victoria Falls), and many more unusual gay travel destinations. The world is a very big place and it’s more welcoming than you might think, even in places that might not look gay-friendly on the surface.

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The Best Gay Travel Books

Here’s our guide to some of our favourite gay travel books. Some are straightforward travel books, while others explore the lived experiences of gay travellers in an indirect way. Some are novels, others are non-fiction accounts. You’ll find stories about...

Mykonos or Santorini - which is better?

Greece has around 6000 islands, and just over 200 of them are inhabited. Among them, Mykonos and Santorini stand out as the most popular destinations for luxury travel in the Greek islands. Combining these two with a couple of nights...

Types of Gay Vacation

Out Of Office was set up with one goal – to make LGBTQ+ travel better, easier, and more accessible. If you are looking for gay vacations then look no further. For years gay travel has been notoriously poorly serviced by a slew of companies and we’re here to change that. Everything you see on our website is there as inspiration to help give you ideas for your next gay vacation. We specialize in luxury tailor-made vacations and there are lots of ideas to consider depending on what you want to get out of your vacation.

If you are looking for a gay adventure vacation then there are lots of destinations you can consider. From Australia and New Zealand to Vietnam and Cambodia, we tailor-make gay vacations from scratch to make the impossible, possible.

We have some great gay city break destinations if you are looking for a weekend getaway. Barcelona is a very gay-friendly destination and is a wonderful city to explore. Discover the works of Gaudi dotted around the city and head to the famous Sagrada Familia. In the evening there is plenty to do and the gay district, Eixample, has loads of gay bars and clubs. Other great city breaks include MadridBerlin and Amsterdam.

Gay group vacations are a great way to travel if you are a solo traveler looking to meet like-minded people whilst exploring incredible destinations. One of our best gay group vacation destinations is Peru, where you can venture on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and explore the cities of Cusco and Lima which are rich in Peruvian culture and history. Costa Rica is also a great destination if you are looking for adventure where you can explore the rainforest and the volcanic national parks.

A lot of our clients like to go on a gay cruise or sailing. It’s a great way to explore a selection of destinations on one trip. From the Galapagos Islands to the Caribbean we cover a wide range of destinations as well as offering gay river cruises. You’ll find some gay-only cruises but we also work with some of the world’s major cruise lines if you are looking to travel to a destination that those itineraries don’t cover.

If you are looking for a gay sailing vacation then there are several options to consider. If you have a group already, we can organize a private boat charter with a gay-friendly skipper. Alternatively, if you are a solo traveler or a small party, then we have lots of gay group sailing departures to destinations all over the world including GreeceCroatiaItaly, and the Bahamas. Again, you will have a gay skipper on board who will guide you throughout the vacation.

With hundreds of ideas, you’re bound to find something that you like and if you don’t, then you can send us a general inquiry and we’ll be able to build the perfect gay vacation itinerary for you. Our sister site is also a great resource if you’re looking for the best gay club or best gay bar in a destination.

In this day and age, it’s easy to book travel online, but it lacks the expert advice and destination knowledge that our team has and can acquire – especially from an LGBTQ+ viewpoint. We have the very best contacts in destinations around the world which have been built up through years of traveling and when it comes to personalized service, Out Of Office is second to none in the gay travel sphere.

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Best Gay Vacations By Month

? Don't forget that most of our itineraries can be totally customized. Our expert team will be able to talk you through all the options.


For the best luxury gay vacation in January, head to Riviera Maya in Mexico which is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, hot Mexican sunshine, and some of our favourite all-inclusive hotels.

Our favorite resorts include Secrets Akumal where you can stay in a junior suite swim-up room and enjoy the incredible range of dining options. If you fancy a break from the sun lounger, head to the Mayan ruins in Tulum and visit Chichen Itza which has been named one of the new “seven wonders of the world.”



The best luxury gay vacation destination in February is Thailand. Head there for some much-needed sunshine and diverse culture. The weather in Thailand in February is great, with warm temperatures and little rainfall.

Start in Bangkok and experience the dynamic atmosphere before heading down south to either Phuket or Koh Samui to enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches and relaxing surroundings. If you fancy a spot of island hopping, check out our amazing Thailand island-hopping itinerary which is specially designed for honeymoon couples.



The best luxury gay travel destination in March is Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Spend 10 to 14 days exploring Sri Lanka‘s unique culture and visiting places such as the Ceylon Tea Trail and Sigiriya Rock Fortress before heading to the Maldives for some rest and relaxation with your partner.

In the Maldives, you will find the classic overwater villa accommodation along with some top-quality resorts. Even though it is illegal to be gay in the Maldives, we work very closely with a handful of resorts, who believe in the same ethos as us and will lavish same-sex honeymoon couples with honeymoon benefits and you can be sure of securing a double bed.



Our favorite gay vacation destination for April is the USA. The weather is not too hot or too cold – all you need is a light jacket – making any sightseeing a lot more pleasant. Live the American dream and begin your journey as a newlywed couple on a classic Route 66 drive.

Stop at several places along the way including Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Chicago. If you are restricted on time, then Key West in Florida is a great destination because of its LGBT-friendly nature and energetic nightlife.



The best luxury gay vacation destination in May, if you are a couple looking to simply relax and unwind, is undoubtedly The Seychelles. Stay in some of the world’s best all-inclusive boutique resorts and enjoy the exclusivity, luxury, and unbeatable sunshine on your luxury gay getaway.

One of our favorite properties includes the Constance Ephelia, boasting some stunning views out over the ocean – or upgrade to the Enchanted Island if you are seeking even more peace and tranquillity.



If your vacation is in June, then head to the tropical island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Stay in an iconic overwater bungalow and enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful lagoons and beyond.

Known for being very LGBT-friendly and one of the few places you can have a legal wedding ceremony if you are a same-sex couple, we can create you an island-hopping itinerary so you can visit some of the other islands including Mo’orea, Taha’a, and Tahiti.



An undoubted favorite of our team for travel in July is always the Greek islands for some sun, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and iconic hotels.

Mykonos is known for being one of the most LGBT-friendly islands and has an energetic nightlife compared to Santorini which is known for its laid-back, affluent atmosphere – Santorini is particularly good for a luxury honeymoon. Many couples start in the city of Athens and head to the many ancient Greek sites scattered around the city including the Parthenon and the Acropolis which have been preserved beautifully.



For luxury vacations in August, head to Brazil and experience everything on offer. Start in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most animated South American cities, which is filled with its own diverse and colorful culture. You can take a trip up Sugar Loaf Mountain for the best skyline views of the city and visit the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Spend some time relaxing on Copacabana beach before heading out at night to some of the authentic bars and restaurants. Head to the majestic Iguazu Falls – on the border with Argentina – and experience the sheer force of the water tumbling over the edge. Don’t forget to visit the Amazon if you can.



September is one of the best months to visit Barcelona. The weather is divine and the city will be bustling with energy.

Combining Barcelona with Sitges makes for one of the best twin-center itineraries for gay travelers. Check out the masterworks of Gaudi in Barcelona and then enjoy Sitges’ gay scene.



Head down under and visit marvelous Australia for the best gay vacation in October. It might take a little while to get used to the hot temperatures, but you are also rewarded with some of the most animated cities in the world.

Head down the East Coast and start in Cairns where you can visit the magical Great Barrier Reef and explore life underwater. Head to Hamilton Island and experience the stunning beaches and laid-back island vibes. Other places on your route include Brisbane and Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.



For a luxury gay vacation in November, we suggest South Africa and Mauritius. Start in Cape Town which is known for its buzzing atmosphere and fun coastal city vibe. Then venture on the Garden Route where you will visit the beautiful Winelands and finish with a stay at one of the many game reserves.

Your final stop is Mauritius, a small island located just off the east coast of South Africa. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful boutique all-inclusive resorts, ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.



For those who are seeking a winter wonderland and romantic gay vacation, head to northern Finland and stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which is one of the few places you can see the dazzling Northern Lights.

Stay in a glass igloo or a cozy log cabin and enjoy the many winter activities offered including husky safaris, snowmobile aurora hunting, and ice fishing. Immerse yourself in the festivities and visit Santa’s workshop.


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