There’s a reason that the USA is so popular with tourists from far and wide. Its ease of access from mainland Europe and the varied nature of its landscapes, cities and people is undoubtedly its biggest attraction.

From the stunning Grand Canyon to the lights of New York City, the USA is a melting pot of many cultures and ideals. You’ll find many different opinions and ways of life – it’s what makes the USA a destination that you can discover time and time again.

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Las Vegas and the Canyons

Discover the canyons of Nevada, Arizona and Utah alongside the bright lights of Las Vegas in this 10-day self-drive itinerary. Starting and finishing in Sin City, you’ll have the opportunity to see both the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon as...

From 10 daysFrom £1359View Itinerary

Walt Disney World Florida

You have dreamed about going, well we can make that dream a reality. Bring your childhood memories to life and step into the magic at Walt Disney World Resort Florida. With a great selection of hotels on offer, and a...

From 8 daysFrom £1329View Itinerary

Pacific Coast Drive: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the West Coast of America. As you drive south, you’ll have the glistening Pacific ocean on your right-hand side and some of the most stunning mountain ranges on your left. You’ll see some...

From 14 daysFrom £1495View Itinerary

New Orleans, Cancun and Cuba

Start in New Orleans and immerse yourself in the jazz lifestyle which encompasses the city. Next stop is Cancun for a spot of sunbathing and Mayan city exploration. We have plenty of hand-picked resorts for you to choose from. Stay in...

From 22 daysFrom £3549View Itinerary

New England: Boston, Maine and Connecticut

New England is best known for its Colonial past, forested mountains and dramatic Atlantic coastline. Explore the history of Boston on the Freedom Trail which passes through critical historical sites in one of the oldest cities in the US. Having...

From 8 daysFrom £1559View Itinerary

Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale and Miami are travel destinations of epic proportions. Fort Lauderdale is known as the ‘Venice of America’ thanks to over 300 miles of inland waterways for you to explore. Its neighbour Miami has a reputation for glamour, beaches...

From 10 daysFrom £1359View Itinerary

Luxury Hawaii Island Hopping

This incredible trip allows you to explore some of the wonderful Hawaiian islands including Honolulu and Kauai. Discover the individual charm of each island and immerse yourself in the culture. Head on a Volcano National Park Twilight Tour, a catamaran...

From 13 daysFrom £3375View Itinerary

Hawaii Wedding and Honeymoon

What better way than to tie the knot on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii? With Out Of Office, we will tailor your wedding according to your requirements. Celebrate your nuptials on beautiful Poolenalea Beach, a secluded location, in...

From 7 daysFrom £1269View Itinerary

Florida Keys Island Hopping

The Florida Keys are some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the USA stretching across miles off the coast of Miami. Each island has it’s own feel and stories to tell and there is something to please everyone wherever...

From 12 daysFrom £2465View Itinerary

Cities and Valleys of the Great American West

Explore the heart of America with this itinerary that will take you on a journey of a lifetime visiting some of its most iconic cities and landscapes. Starting in Los Angeles, you’ll spend time in the City of Angels before...

From 14 daysFrom £1595View Itinerary

Boston and Provincetown

Pair up Boston and Provincetown on a Massachusetts adventure. Spend a few days exploring Boston and its rich history, then head to Provincetown for a beautiful seaside escape – a particularly gay-friendly destination. Either take a ferry between the two...

From 10 daysFrom £895View Itinerary

Best of the West of the USA

The sites of the West Coast of America are truly amazing. You’ll visit some of the most famous cities in the world like Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as incredible natural wonders including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite....

From 14 daysFrom £1059View Itinerary

Miami and Key West

With our twin-centre itinerary to Miami and Key West, you’re sure to find the perfect American combination of sun, beaches and relaxation. Spend three nights in Miami before driving south to the tropical Florida Keys where you’ll stay in beautiful...

From 8 daysFrom £895View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: New Orleans City Break

An amazing city break to one of the most cultural and historical parts of the United States of America. This gay New Orleans group trip takes you to Louisiana, where you’ll discover what makes the heart of the community beat...

From 5 daysFrom £1555View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Salmon River Rafting Adventure

Explore gay Idaho, ideal for those who seek adventure and breathtaking views who can look no further than this gay group trip rafting down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River! This group trip, which is designed for all levels...

From 8 daysFrom £2495View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Colorado Ranch And Wine Country

This amazing gay group trip in Colorado is the ultimate way to experience the state. You’ll meet new people and experience some spectacular activities including horseriding in the most picturesque settings around the ranch and white water rafting the Colorado...

From 8 daysFrom £3745View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Key West And Florida Keys Adventure

This gay group trip in the Florida Keys takes in all the best that the region has to offer. Beautiful beaches, stunning waters, and plenty of gay culture to explore. You’ll take in part in lots of activities from paddleboarding...

From 10 daysFrom £3995View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Alaskan Adventure

With treks along the glacier, kayaking through icy waters and exploring volcanoes this trip offers an experience of a lifetime. Head to Alaska on this gay group trip where you will visit the explore pristine Denali National Park. Discover Gay...

From 10 daysFrom £4295View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Montana Glacier Adventure

Known for being the Switzerland of North America, this gay Montana group trip is perfect for those seeking an adventure amongst beautiful peaks, stunning valleys and picturesque trails. Spot the abundance of wildlife which roams the area including eagles soaring...

From 8 daysFrom £3385View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

This incredible Grand Canyon gay group trip will take you on a real adventure down the Colorado River. You will explore the contrast between the excitement and thrill of rafting down the river’s rip-roaring rapids, and the peace and tranquillity...

From 9 daysFrom £3225View Itinerary

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Getting to USA

With many hubs and international airports, getting to the USA is relatively easy no matter where you are located on earth.

General Information

Unlimited possibilities and a country which you will most likely have to visit more than once if you want to see its main states unless you are not limited to a time frame. It is hard to think of a country which has that many waterfalls, beaches, deserts, canyons, rainforests and glaciers along with loads of intriguing cities to explore.

Where to even start? Well, New York deserves a mention with its buzzing atmosphere, bright lights and the organised network of concrete buildings. It attracts all kinds of people because it has so much to offer. The shopping, the Broadway shows, the sightseeing, the history the art and the American sport means your days will never be boring.

Of course, there are other cities which are just as exciting. Las Vegas is a whirlwind of an experience, the city never stops and it is a lot to take in. Outside of this buzzing city, you have one of the world’s most extraordinary geological formations, the Grand Canyon.

If you want that city beach vibe then Miami will tick all the boxes, the bustling city life is complimented with the beautiful beaches. Combine Miami with Key West if you want a bit of city exploration combined with relaxation.

Los Angeles is all about the lights, camera and action. Home to the famous Hollywood, the chances of you bumping into a celebrity in Beverly Hills is high.

That is only a few of its big cities, there are plenty more. If you don’t mind the miles of driving then a great way to explore is by car. Route 66 is one of the famous road trip roots you can take where you will stop at Chicago, Tulsa, Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas and Los Angeles along with several places in between.

It’s hard to sum up this wonderful country in a few words but it’s safe to say you can do pretty much anything there.

What Everyone Does In USA

Since the country is so big it is hard to say what most people do but New York is definitely a must see due to the fact there is so much going on in the big apple!

What Some People Do In USA

Twinning two places together is a great idea as it doesn’t necessarily require much time. Examples are Miami and Key West, Boston and Provincetown or Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

What No One Else Does In The USA

See a whole other side to the USA and head to Alaska. Filled with vast glaciers and mountain ranges, it is the perfect place to visit if you fancy a physical challenge.

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