An ever-popular tourist destination and bursting at the seams with culture, it’s little wonder that myths and legends were born here. Popular with partiers and culture-lovers alike, Greece is known for its sandy beaches and nightlife, alongside ancient landmarks most famously found in Athens.

With so many islands to choose from, there’s something to suit every vibe: Mykonos is perfect for a bustling party atmosphere and has a great gay nightlife. Meanwhile, Santorini is more laid back and romantic and a great choice for the perfect honeymoon. A little off the beaten track lie tranquil gems such as Out Of Office favourites Naxos, Skopelos or The Odyssey’s legendary Ithaca. Start planning your Greek Islands getaway now.

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LGBT Group Trip: Adriatic Mediterranean Cruise

Join this gay group Mediterranean cruise on board a boat to explore the wonders of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean with this fantastic cruise through Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia; with so much to do and see; you can’t miss...

From 10 daysFrom £3009View Itinerary

Naxos, Ios and Mykonos

This itinerary allows you to decide exactly what you want to do in each destination. Visiting Naxos, Ios and cosmopolitan and gay-friendly Mykonos, you’ll stay in some of the best hotels the islands have to offer. We’ll take care of...

From 7 daysFrom £1295View Itinerary

Mykonos, Ios and Santorini

In recent years, the beautiful beaches and laid-back vibes of Mykonos, Ios and Santorini have earned them the reputation as some of the top Greek islands. For those wanting varied experiences, this multi-centre Greece holiday offers the perfect combination of...

From 10 daysFrom £1295View Itinerary

Mykonos and Ios

Mykonos has fast become one of the most popular Greek islands and in recent years its seen an influx of international jetsetters wanting to experience the beautiful beaches and laid back vibes. Many more travellers are now combining the island...

From 7 daysFrom £999View Itinerary

Milos, Paros and Mykonos

This itinerary allows you to decide exactly what you want to do in each destination. Visiting Milos, Paros and cosmopolitan and gay-friendly Mykonos, you’ll stay in some of the best hotels the islands have to offer. We’ll take care of...

From 8 daysFrom £1119View Itinerary

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos

The itinerary has been built with honeymoons in mind by using some of the finest rooms the Greek Islands have to offer, but it’s equally suitable for anyone looking for that extra special romantic getaway. Starting in historical Athens explore...

From 13 daysFrom £2395View Itinerary

Ios and Santorini

Two of the most charming Greek islands, Ios and Santorini, are renowned for world famous sunsets and whitewashed towns that showcase the best traditional Greece has to offer. This twin-centre holiday encompasses everything you would expect from a Greek island...

From 7 daysFrom £995View Itinerary

Greek Island Hopping: Sail the Cyclades

Hire a private yacht to sail the Cyclades on this fully customisable itinerary. Setting sail from Athens you’ll visit small islands such as Kithnos and Serifos, Kea and Aegina.  You’ll be on board a beautiful yacht which has the comfort of three...

From 7 daysFrom £1099View Itinerary

Discover Athens

Discover Athens in this four-day itinerary which takes in the incredible history and architecture of the city, including the Acropolis. Staying in ultimate luxury at one of Athens’ best hotels, you’ll get under the skin of the culinary scene by...

From 4 daysFrom £695View Itinerary

Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Island hop through the Greek Islands. Visiting Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, this deluxe itinerary allows you to explore both historical Greece and relax in the sumptuous Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini in ultimate luxury. Explore the highlights of Ancient...

From 8 daysFrom £1259View Itinerary

Athens, Delphi, Kalambaka and Santorini

Step off the usual trail and visit both Delphi and Kalambaka in this itinerary. It allows you to explore both historical Greece and relax on the idyllic Greek Island of Santorini. Visiting the highlights of Ancient Greece, you’ll spend time...

From 8 daysFrom £1695View Itinerary

Athens and Santorini

The itinerary takes you to Athens and Santorini. You’ll explore both historical Greece and relax in the stunning Greek Island of Santorini. Visiting the highlights of Ancient Greece, you’ll spend time in the heart of Athens before heading by boat...

From 7 daysFrom £895View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Athens, Hydra And Spetses

Do you fancy meeting new people and visiting some of the most idyllic islands amongst the Mediterranean? This group sailing trip offers some of the best scenery you’ll ever see. You’ll get to explore the great gay bars in Plaka,...

From 8 daysFrom £1050View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Zakynthos, Epidaurus and Athens

This sailing trip to Greece allows you to experience the best of Zakynthos, Epidaurus and Athens. Highlights include the beautiful Messolonghi lagoon, the stunning Galaxadhi and sailing through the famous channel of Corinth before arriving at the world famous amphitheater in...

From 8 daysFrom £995View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing The Greek Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands are a beautiful part of Greece, much of which gets overlooked for other famous Greek Islands. Comprised of places such as Kefalonia, Lefkas, Ithaca and many more, these are the islands for people who want to find...

From 8 daysFrom £1185View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Athens, Patras And Zakynthos

This sailing group trip is the ultimate way to discover Athens, Patras, and Zakynthos. With so many beautiful views throughout your journey and many memorable experiences including visiting the world famous amphitheatre in Epidaurus and the captivating history at Patras. 

From 8 daysFrom £805View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing in Mykonos And Santorini

Greece is known as the cradle of Western Civilisation. You’ll revel in the stunning beaches, unrivalled history and buzzing nightlife, not to mention great food and drink. This trip will take you sailing around the picturesque islands of Mykonos, Naxos...

From 8 daysFrom £1160View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Sailing The Greek Islands From Corfu To Lefkas

The Ionian islands of Greece are a beautiful collection of bays, beaches, ports, villages and small towns that are great to explore and discover. Every island has its own little story to tell and it’s own vibe as well as a distinct picturesque landscape....

From 8 daysFrom £1045View Itinerary

Gay Group Trip: Greek Island Hopping

Greece is the cradle of Western Civilisation, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular tourist destination. The perfect weather, golden beaches and cuisine also help. Not to mention the magical Islands surrounding the mainland. On this trip you’ll get...

From 12 daysFrom £1989View Itinerary

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Gay Group Trip: Sailing Athens, Spetses, Epidaurus and Athens

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Getting to Greece

Greece has a number of different destinations to visit. Athens is its capital city and easy to fly to from most European cities as well as those in the USA. The major islands also each have own airports too such as Mykonos and Santorini. You'll also be able to catch a ferry between the mainland to the other Greek islands.

General Information

Greece is a perfect destination if you are looking for a laid-back atmosphere with excellent food to match.

From the Cyclades where you’ll find the stunning Mykonos and Santorini – ideal for a romantic holiday in the Greek Islands – to the capital of Athens with its titanic architecture and history, Greece has a lot to offer. Perfect for a history buff wanting to brush up on their knowledge of Ancient Greece, the city of Athens remains a treasure trove of original buildings and landmarks dating back to the 5th-century BC.

The famous Acropolis museum is a must visit and we specialise in arranging knowledgeable and private guides to ensure you get the best possible experience.

If you’re hoping to relax and catch some sun then head down to Mykonos. Known for its beautiful beaches and its summer party atmosphere and laid-back vibes, the island of Mykonos has fast become the go-to destination over places like Ibiza. Still a quaint island though, Mykonos town has beautiful tavernas and a melting pot of wonderful restaurants. You’ll find cobbled streets and an abundance of boutiques.

For the perfect Greek honeymoon destination, you’ll find the island of Santorini an ideal choice. With its rugged landscape – a result of a volcanic eruption almost 4000 years ago – the towns of Fira and Oia are set on the cliffs of a large underwater crater known as the caldera which was created when the centre of the island collapsed.

It’s a great idea to pair both Mykonos and Santorini and take the ferry between the two islands. The approach to Santorini is rather special. Most facilities on the islands close in the middle of September so be sure to visit before then. Santorini is also a great hiking destination and the island’s resorts are luxury in both appointment and vision.

What Everyone Does In Greece

A trip to the capital city is a great starting point. The city allows you to experience what true ancient Greece was like back in its hay day. A trip to the famous Acropolis is a must, along with the majestic Parthenon. Visiting the many ancient Greek temples gives you a real feel for how important the Greek Gods were.

What Some People Do In Greece

Why visit only one island? There are hundreds you can visit, with each possessing its own unique charm and character. Mykonos is probably the most famous, with its beautiful beaches, classical restaurants and buzzing nightlife.

Also a popular destination for the LGBT community, the locals are very welcoming. Santorini is definitely worth a visit, along with Skopelos which was where the film ‘Mamma Mia’ was set. A great way to see as many of the islands as possible is by sailing. You can do this by joining a group or if you already have a group we can arrange a boat for you. Sail along the coastline and enjoy the gorgeous mediterranean sea.

What No One Else Does In Greece

Tucked away and almost untouched, the South West area of Greece is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to extend your trip. This area may not be as popular as other areas of Greece but this makes it perfect if you are looking for an authentic Greek experience. The tiny village of Koita, which is located right in the South is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a picturesque seaside escape.

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