China is the only great civilisation from the ancient world to have survived to the present day. Its culture and economy are both thriving, and its population is over 1.3 billion!

So, where do you even start? We can send you to the major cities like Bejing and Shanghai. We can also send you to some of the least visited parts of China, like the semi-mythical Shangri-La. You could also consider an epic trek along the Great Wall, and see the iconic Terracotta Warriors.

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LGBT Rights in China

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Classical China

This outstanding itinerary encompasses two spectacular cities, Beijing and Shanghai, and two truly fascinating regions of Shaanxi and Guangxi, this immersive tour allows you to experience the Great Wall of China, Forbidden Palace, the Terracotta Warriors, Li River (on a cruise)...

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China and Vietnam: Great Wall to Halong Bay

On this adventure you will arrive in Beijing and have time to explore and soak up the ambience and of course experience the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City before heading to Louyang. You will also visit beautiful...

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China and Japan by Bullet Train

Speed between China and Japan’s most stunning attractions with this two-week bullet train tour. You will explore the ancient and modern marvels of China, from the Bird’s Nest Stadium to the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors to Shanghai’s Bund, using...

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Beijing to Shanghai

Start in Beijing and explore this vibrant dynamic bustling city. You will visit the iconic great wall of China and the Forbidden city. Then head to Xian where you will visit the famous Terracotta Warriors and take a stroll through...

Hotels in China

Getting to China

China has a wide range of international airports including Beijing and Shanghai which are well connected both internationally and in the region.

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General Information

China is a wonderful country, with a rich heritage and totally unique culture. Your trip is likely to start in the capital city, Beijing. Here you will find a booming metropolis, so prepare yourself for the busy streets! Home to many iconic sites, including the famous bird’s nest stadium which housed the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

In China, you’ll find the new intertwined with the old. Visit the Gulou, the famous drum tower which originally served for musical purposes; it was then used as a timepiece time during the Ming period, drumming without fail every hour. Head to the Zhonglou, the bell tower just opposite the drum tower. Both will give you a glimpse of old world Beijing.

The next place on your trip should be Xi’an, where you can see the famous terracotta warriors.

Last but definitely not least is Shanghai. Its modern and vibrant atmosphere will end your trip on the highest of highs. Known for its luxury hotels offering impeccable service, you will see evidence of China’s vast economic growth wherever you look.

What Everyone Does In China

Beijing is always the best place to start. Head to the Fordibben City where you’ll see China’s largest collection of preserved ancient buildings. History is very important in Chinese culture; hardly surprising considering their civilisation is 4000 years old.

What Some People Do In China

Take a trip to Hong Kong, a former British colony and autonomous region. You’ll see a recognisably Chinese culture but with greater freedoms. Not to mention vast wealth.

What No One Does In China

Head to Inner Mongolia and see the famous site of Xanadu, the pleasure palace built by Kubla Khan where Aleph the Sacred River ran. See if you can separate the facts from the myths.

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