The Maldives is the place to switch off. When it comes to unwinding, a holiday to the Maldives is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Its iconic water bungalows and beautiful beaches allow you to relax and pamper yourself in its luxurious surroundings.

Most people will travel to the Maldives to do absolutely nothing. Rekindle your romance, read a good book or enjoy the fine food on offer at your resort’s restaurants. For those of you who like the idea of watersports, then diving and snorkelling is a must in the Maldives.

It has an abundance of coral and reef life sure to wow even the most experienced divers. Many of the resorts we work with in the Maldives have incredible spas, which offer a wide range of treatments including massages and facials using traditional Maldivian herbal remedies and ointments.

All the properties we work with in the Maldives are handpicked by us to ensure they are welcoming – and even offer honeymoon benefits to same-sex couples.

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LGBT Rights in Maldives

Trips to Maldives

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Hotels in Maldives

Getting to Maldives

Getting to the Maldives is relatively straightforward. Fly to Male direct at certain times of year with British Airways from London, via the UAE with Emirates or Etihad or via Colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines. From the international airport, you will leave the mainland and pick up a speedboat or seaplane to your chosen resort - an experience in itself - as our video guide shows.

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General Information

The Maldives – with perhaps some of the most beautiful resorts on earth – is made up of hundreds of individual islands that each have their own unique style and ambience. Stunning white sandy beaches sit next to crystal blue waters and you’ll be able to unwind and relax as you watch beautiful sunsets from the shore.

Best time to visit the Maldives

One of the most popular questions we get asked is when is it the best time to visit the Maldives and when is rainy season in the Maldives? November to April tends to be the best weather, with the best months January and February as our video guide below will tell you.


The abundance of underwater reefs and wildlife augment the natural beauty of the islands with a diverse range of resorts – most accessed by speedboat or seaplane.

If you’ve always dreamt of that overwater pool villa getaway, then the Maldives is sure to impress.

Whilst it is illegal to be gay in the Maldives, the properties we have chosen to work with have been handpicked by us to ensure they offer a welcome to everyone no matter who you love.

Indeed we’re proud to say that those properties have agreed to offer honeymoon benefits to same-sex couples too.

There are some sensitivities about travelling to the Maldives as an LGBT couple though. We would recommend that you don’t hold hands on the mainland of Male when you land and that you also go through immigration separately.

Watch our video guide to the Maldives for further information on these beautiful islands.


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What Everyone Does In The Maldives

The point of visiting the Maldives is to experience resorts which are on another level. Yes, it is expensive but there are a few select premium all-inclusive options.

Be sure to opt for a seaplane transfer if you can to experience this unique way of travelling.

What Some People Do In The Maldives

Make your trip to the Maldives extra special and stay in an iconic overwater bungalow. Awake to the sound of waves lapping up on the shoreline and enjoy your morning swim in the ocean which is right on your back doorstep.

Enjoy a dolphin sunset cruise accompanied by champagne.

What No One Does In The Maldives

Most people visit the Maldives and don’t leave their resort. But for a real experience, opt to visit more than one island. And then for those of you really wanting something special, combine your stay at a resort with a cruise sailing around the Maldives on a yacht.

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