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From the non-stop action of bustling Tokyo to bucolic countryside landscapes taken straight from an ancient painting, Japan is a country of limitless variety and infinite opportunities for sumptuous luxury travel. Regardless of what your dream Japanese getaway entails, you’ll be treated to a world of unimaginable beauty.

Here at Out Of Office, we truly understand the world you live in, and the world you want to explore. Our attention to detail, exceptional service and deep understanding of both luxury travel and LGBTQ+ travel make us a fantastic choice for those looking for a travel experience where exclusivity meets inclusivity.

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For many, Japan is a bucket list destination – somewhere where time stands still and ancient historical monuments can be observed alongside towering glass and chrome megastructures.

The country has plenty to experience regardless of your tastes, and travelers to this unique destination will find a tantalizing collection of urban, rural, and coastal landscapes to explore.

Japan is one of the few Asian countries that has never been colonized and today visitors can experience a culture that has been allowed to flourish free from outside influence, and remnants of the country’s fascinating past can be found wherever you look.

Kyoto is the capital of historical exploration in Japan, with the city’s temple district showcasing a visual timeline of Japanese architectural evolution. In this ancient city you’ll find spiritual temples, traditional teahouses, elegant geishas and meticulously manicured gardens.

If you’re looking for a world-class city escape, you can’t beat Tokyo. Tokyo is the world’s most populous city and also the world’s most vibrant, bustling, and eclectic. It’s here that you’ll find anything you could imagine from the hyper-exclusive to the ultra-weird – if you’re looking for a dose of neon-lit cultural stimulation then be sure to visit Tokyo.

Osaka is a bustling metropolis that buzzes with modern energy. It’s particularly renowned for its food scene – it’s known as the “nation’s kitchen” – with street food and Michelin star restaurants alike. There’s rich tradition here too, with the iconic Osaka Castle providing the perfect place for a sightseeing expedition.

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Travel Information

A country that is rich in culture, history, and variety, and a trip to Japan promises to ignite the senses and open the eyes to a new world of cultural discovery. Arriving in the country, your first stop has to be Tokyo, where a sprawling metropolis of neon lights and eclectic shops aways. This is the perfect place for exploration and there’s no risk of stumbling upon the same street twice. Whilst in Japan be sure to visit Meiji Jingu, a shrine to the late Emperor Meiji and a popular spot for large-scale traditional wedding ceremonies.

Tokyo strikingly combines the old and the new, straddling history and boasting an electrical atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. Navigating Tokyo is a simple task thanks to the astoundingly efficient system of underground trains which are known around the world for their technical capabilities and pristine condition. After Tokyo, journey to Hakone, the home of Mount Fuji and the Fuji Hakone National Park. The active status of Mount Fuji has given rise to a number of natural hot springs around Hakone and as such the area is a popular spot for spa and wellness activities. Hakone is also a great place to observe Japanese culture at its most authentic.

Whilst a trip to Japan should be jam-packed with exhilarating activities and moments of enlightening wonder, the country is also a great place to indulge in the darker side of modern history. A visit to Hiroshima is a popular way to obtain a first-hand understanding of the catastrophic impacts of the first atomic bomb – the effects of which are still clear over half a century later. Besides the remnants of this violent chapter in history, today Hiroshima is a lively city with a vibrant atmosphere and plenty to see and do. Kyoto is like a breath of fresh air, especially when visited after somber Hiroshima. The town is infused with a green freshness thanks to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, and littered with too many temples to count.

LGBTQ+ people in Japan face some challenges that are not experienced by heterosexual and cisgender members of society, however, social attitudes are changing and Japan boasts some of Asia’s most liberal views on sex and gender. Same-sex marriage is not legalized in Japan, however, numerous recent court decisions have ruled that such absence of provision is unconstitutional.

Things to do in Japan

Tea Ceremonies

The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as chanoyu, is a time-honored practice that embodies the principles of harmony, respect, and serenity. The ceremony involves the serving of matcha tea and traditional Japanese sweets to guests, while the host performs precise movements and gestures. Participating in a tea ceremony is an excellent way to immerse oneself in Japanese culture and gain a deeper understanding of the country’s customs and values. Numerous tea houses offer tea ceremonies to visitors, with some providing English-language explanations to enhance the experience.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling is a centuries-old Japanese sport that has gained worldwide recognition. If you’re interested in experiencing something truly unique, consider visiting a sumo stable and watching a practice session. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the wrestlers’ intense training regimen up close. Some stables even allow visitors to participate in the training, although this is typically reserved for more experienced wrestlers. It’s important to keep in mind that sumo wrestling is a highly respected sport in Japan, so it’s essential to show proper respect and etiquette while observing the practice.

Sushi Cooking Classes

Sushi is a beloved dish that has become synonymous with Japanese cuisine. It is a delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries and is now enjoyed all over the world. If you want to learn how to make sushi like a pro, consider taking a cooking class. You’ll not only learn how to make this delicious dish, but you’ll also gain insight into the culture and history behind it. Many cooking classes also offer the opportunity to visit local markets to purchase fresh ingredients, adding to the overall experience. So why not immerse yourself in the world of sushi and learn how to make it like a true Japanese chef?

Nestled in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture, Koyasan is a serene town that draws visitors seeking a spiritual retreat. Its beautiful temples and peaceful atmosphere make it a popular destination for those interested in Japanese culture and spirituality. The town boasts over 100 temples, each with its own unique history and charm. One of the most popular attractions is the Okunoin Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Japan with over 200,000 graves. Visitors can also experience the unique lifestyle of the monks who live in Koyasan by staying overnight in one of the town’s traditional Buddhist temples. Kongobuji, the head temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, is a must-visit for those interested in learning more about the town’s spiritual heritage.

Yakushima Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a hidden gem located off the coast of Kyushu. It’s known for its ancient cedar forests, which are said to have inspired the forest in the movie “Princess Mononoke.” Visitors can hike through the forests and see trees that are over 1,000 years old. The island is also home to unique wildlife, including the Yakushima macaque and the Yaku deer. For nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat, Yakushima Island is a must-visit destination.

Shirakawa-go is a charming village that boasts traditional gassho-zukuri houses with steep thatched roofs that resemble hands in prayer. This picturesque village is particularly enchanting during the winter months when the houses are blanketed in snow. Visitors can experience life in a rural Japanese village by staying in one of the traditional houses. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and a chance to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakawa-go is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Japan, offering one of the best-preserved examples of traditional Japanese architecture.

  • January

    1°C - 10°C

    January is the coldest month of the year across Japan with northern regions of the country covered in a thick blanket of snow.

  • February

    1°C - 10°C

    Whilst February is the second coldest month in Japan, the first signs of spring begin to emerge during this month.

  • March

    5°C - 15°C

    March is a cold month with the potential for occasionally warm days.

  • April

    10°C - 20°C

    Across Japan, April brings pleasant weather and cherry blossom bloom.

  • May

    15°C - 20°C

    Many locals name May as the best month of the year for weather in Japan.

  • June

    20°C - 25°C

    June sees the entirety of Japan plunged into a heavy rainfall season.

  • July

    20°C - 30°C

    The rainy season is winding down by the end of July and around this time beaches and summer festivals begin to open.

  • August

    25°C - 30°C

    August is a hot and humid month with Osaka and Kyoto experiencing the highest temperatures.

  • September

    20°C - 25°C

    September offers pleasant summer weather interrupted by long periods of rain.

  • October

    15°C - 20°C

    October begins with warm, rainy weather and progresses to drier, cooler weather as the month goes on.

  • November

    9°C - 15°C

    The days in November are typically crisp and cool making for the perfect conditions for sightseeing.

  • December

    4°C - 10°C

    December is Japan's third coolest month of the year and is also a dry time for most of the country.

Traveling to Japan from overseas is a common choice for many travelers. With direct flights available from major airlines such as Japan Airlines, ANA, United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines, getting to Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya is easy. At Out Of Office, we specialize in international travel and can assist with all aspects of your trip, from booking flights to arranging luxurious private jet transportation for our most discerning clients. Let us take care of your travel plans so you can focus on enjoying your trip to Japan.

When it comes to traveling around Japan, taking the train is a top choice for both locals and tourists. The Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train, is the fastest and most well-known option, connecting major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. With reserved seating and onboard amenities, it’s a comfortable and convenient way to travel. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, local and express trains are also available, though they may take a bit longer to reach your destination.

Exploring Japan is made easy thanks to its extensive public transportation system. Trains, buses, subways, and taxis are readily available in most cities, and the Japan Rail Pass is a popular choice for unlimited travel on most JR trains. However, it’s important to research and plan ahead as some areas may have limited transportation options. For those seeking more flexibility, renting a car is an option, but be aware of the different traffic laws and road signs in Japan.

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