The bustling metropolis of Tokyo never sleeps; you’ll be surrounded by bright lights wherever you turn. Out Of Office offers a trip on the famous bullet train, where you’ll be awe-struck by Japan’s alternative landscape.

With Mount Fuji as your backdrop and stretches of greenery through your window, you won’t be able to stop looking out the window. Experience Japan through your taste buds too with the delicious local cuisine, or even try making some yourself.

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LGBT Rights in Japan

Trips to Japan

Group Trip
From 12 daysFrom £5945
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Gay Group Trip: Cultural Japan

Gay Japan: This beautiful country has a wide, varied history and is a hub for those who seek authentic culture in a world where that is hard to find. Travel from big cities to mountain villages to islands and everything...

Group TripLuxury
From 10 daysFrom £7635
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Gay Group Trip: Discover Japan

Japan is one of the ultimate bucket list destinations. Its culture is highly distinctive and at times baffling: you can buy live crabs from vending machines as well as green kit kats. On this gay group trip you’ll discover the...

From 14 daysFrom £3285
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China and Japan by Bullet Train

Speed between China and Japan’s most stunning attractions with this two-week bullet train tour. You will explore the ancient and modern marvels of China, from the Bird’s Nest Stadium to the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors to Shanghai’s Bund, using...

From 14 daysFrom £3089
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Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Kyoto by Bullet Train

Speed between China and Japan’s most stunning attractions with this two-week bullet train tour. You will explore the ancient and modern marvels of China, from the Bird’s Nest Stadium to the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors to Shanghai’s Bund, using...

From 4 daysFrom £2569
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Gay wedding in Japan

If you’ve always wanted to get married somewhere historic then look no further than the city of Kyoto in Japan. Whilst same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan, this blessing is hugely symbolic. You’ll be furnished with traditional kimono wedding...

From 14 daysFrom £2869
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Highlights of Japan

Japan is culturally rich and its traditions and customs vary greatly from the West. With this itinerary you’ll get under the skin of the country, exploring both cities and rural life. Starting in Tokyo you’ll enjoy the best the city...

From 12 daysFrom £3275
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Japanese Culture and Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is renowned worldwide and as such there’s no better place to experience it than in the heart of the country. This itinerary is culinary heavy allowing you to not only try an authentic cooking class but to also...

From 11 daysFrom £3555
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A Taste Of Japan

Japanese food is so dynamic it puts most other cuisines to shame. Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world which is in no small part due to its healthy and varied diet. This itinerary will introduce you to...

From 11 daysFrom £3855
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Secrets Of Japan

Venture into the less well-known parts of Japan and discover the hidden gems of the country. You’ll be travelling to the Tokushima prefecture where you’ll explore the Iya Valley, remote villages built in the Edo period and the “art island”...

Hotels in Japan

Getting to Japan

Both Tokyo and Osaka have major airports. Tokyo also has two international airports - Haneda and Narita. Both are serviced by major international airlines.

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General Information

A country rich in culture, history and variety. When you visit Japan your eyes will be opened to what seems like a whole new world.

Your first stop has to be Tokyo, spend your time exploring this fascinating city. Visit the famous Meiji Jingu which is the shrine to the late Emperor Meiji and is also a popular destination for Japanese weddings, so if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of a traditional ceremony.

Tokyo is like a time machine, with a combination of the old and new merged together. Take a stroll through Omotesando which is a tree lined avenue lined with little shops. Take a subway ride to Asakusa which is known as ‘old town’ and home to the Sensoji (“Asakusa Kannon”) Temple (Tokyo’s oldest temple).

Next, journey to Hakone which is home to Mt Fuji which is also known as Fuji-san. This active volcano is located in the Fuji Hakone National Park where you will also find plenty of natural hot springs. Take a stroll around the town and immerse yourself in the true authentic Japanese living.

Head to Hiroshima, which was the first target for an atomic bomb. The city now has a vibrant atmosphere with plenty to do and see.

Visit Kyoto which is a like a breath of fresh air. With the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove the city is infused with green freshness. There are lots of temples to visit so if you like culture, Kyoto should definitely be on your list.

What Everyone Does In Japan

Starting in Tokyo is a must. This city never stops moving, and its modern vibrant atmosphere is awesome to experience. From the endless number of incredible food spots, shops and rich cultural sites, there is never a dull moment in this cosmopolitan city.

What Some People Do In Japan

Why not take a day trip from Tokyo and head to the Fox Village (Zao Fox Village)? If you are an animal lover, you will fall in love with these furry friends.

What No One Else Does In Japan

Take a trip to the Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave near Mount Fuji were formed by a volcanic eruption. Descend the steps into the cave and be amazed by the huge ice crystals which catch and reflect the light beautifully.

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Gay Group Trip: Discover Japan

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