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With two-thirds of its terrain blanketed by forests and a tenth composed of glistening lakes, Finland rewards visitors with boundless natural beauty. It’s one of our favorite destinations for a luxury vacation.

Here at Out Of Office, we truly understand the world you live in, and the world you want to explore. Our attention to detail, exceptional service and deep understanding of both luxury travel and LGBTQ+ travel make us a fantastic choice for those looking for a travel experience where exclusivity meets inclusivity.

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? Don't forget that all of our itineraries are totally customized and so this is just an idea of what we can build for you.

In sophisticated Helsinki, marvel at imposing cathedrals and world-class museums showcasing striking architecture and design. Under the fluttering Northern Lights, Lapland reveals a winter wonderland of deluxe ski resorts and singular glass igloos amid the snow-draped Arctic.

Visit the hidden gem of Tampere, a city that sits nestled between two great lakes, offering stunning views. It’s also the sauna capital of the world – there are more than 50 public saunas to be found in the region. Some of them sit by the lakeside, so you can warm up after wild swimming in the fresh, cool waters.

History lovers can head to Turku, a city dating back to the 13th century. This former Finland capital is known for being the location of Turku Castle, a fortress that’s nearly 700 years old. Here, you can uncover ancient Finnish stories and find out what life used to be like.

Adventurous travelers can immerse themselves in authentic Lappish culture on tours like husky sledding through pine forests or private reindeer safaris across the tundra. Relish Michelin-starred cuisine highlighting regional flavors, then retreat to a scenic spa sanctuary. Take the little ones to Lapland to visit Santa Claus himself before retreating to your snow-topped lodge accommodation to warm up in the sauna or spend time by the open fire.

Yet Finland offers more than frosty adventures. During the endless summer days from May to August, roam rugged National Parks on guided treks, paddle kayaks across remote lakes, and explore skerries dotting the Baltic on 50,000-island archipelago cruises. As the Midnight Sun perpetually hovers above the horizon, locals enjoy nocturnal swims and all-night festivals – extraordinary spectacles for your Nordic bucket list.

With our expertise, a luxury journey through Finland delivers both winter Northern Lights extravagance and summertime Scandinavian splendor. Contact us today to begin crafting your customized escape where forested wildernesses, glinting lakesides, and the drama of the Arctic Circle await discovery.

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Adventures in Lapland
Adventures in Lapland


This carefully designed 10-day itinerary lets you indulge in the wonders of a true Finnish Lapland winter. Stay in the region’s most captivating glass igloos and treetop suites while engaging in once-in-a-lifetime Arctic experiences like reindeer sleigh rides, ice fishing,...

Nordic Explorer
Nordic Explorer


Embark on an unforgettable rail adventure through the captivating Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, immersing yourself in the scenic landscapes and cultural wonders of this egalitarian region. Traverse from one capital city to the next by train, unveiling...

Luxury Arctic Winter in Lapland
Luxury Arctic Winter in Lapland


Escape to the enchanting winter wonderland of Lapland and uncover a treasure trove of magical experiences. Your journey begins in the heart of Rovaniemi on the edge of the Arctic Circle, the cherished hometown of Santa Claus. Surrounded by the pristine...

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Maria Gardner

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"Whether you're after a cosy couples' escape or a charming family holiday, Finland has something for any traveller. Picture yourself bombing across a frozen landscape on a snowmobile before nestling up by a roaring log fire. "

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Jaike Rowe

Jaike Rowe

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Destination: Finland

Destination: Finland

Travel Information

Finland might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about vacation destinations, but Finland is a truly unique part of the world that offers travelers a completely different experience. Due to its location, Northern Finland is part of Lapland and sees a variety of weather, from blankets of beautiful snow to long summer days with the midnight sun.

In winter, head to our favorite resort Kakslauttanen – known as the Lapland Igloo hotel – and stay in an iconic glass igloo where you can watch the Northern Lights dance above your head whilst snuggled up in a comfy warm igloo. It is also the perfect destination for those looking for winter adventures. At the resort, you can experience a husky ride, reindeer sleigh ride, ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding – and if you go during the Christmas period, you can visit Santa Claus himself!

There are direct flights to Ivalo, the heart of Finnish Lapland, from London on certain days in the winter. This means it’s easier than ever to visit this incredible place and experience the northern lights in a glass igloo. Finland’s largest gay scene can be found in Helsinki.

Finland is not a write-off for the summer, in fact, it offers a truly unique experience. The snow-covered ground disappears to reveal beautiful green landscapes bathed in gorgeous sunshine. In fact, between mid-May and mid-August, the sun doesn’t set at all – a spectacular phenomenon that you must witness once in your lifetime. If you are feeling brave, test the waters on a summer lake swim, or head out on a horseback riding tour. Go gold panning or test your driving skills on an ATV safari. You definitely won’t be short on things to do in Finland during the summer months.

Finland is recognized for its progressive stance on LGBTQ+ rights, fostering an inclusive environment for the community. Same-sex relationships have been legally recognized and protected since 2002, and Finland legalized same-sex marriage in 2017, affirming its commitment to equality.

The country actively promotes anti-discrimination measures and provides legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBTQ+ individuals enjoy the right to adopt children, and Finland’s society, in general, reflects an accepting attitude towards diversity, making it a welcoming destination for travelers and a champion in advancing LGBTQ+ rights within Europe.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is renowned for its design culture and the fact that there is over 100km of shoreline around the capital means you’ll see sea everywhere. There are also 300 islands in an archipelago.

Urban saunas are a staple of Finnish life. You’ll find both traditional saunas and design-led saunas. Strip down to your swimwear and sweat out the stresses of back home in one of the country’s public saunas.

Very few people visit Lapland during the summer but it’s definitely one to experience. Places like the Lemmenjoki National Park is full of waterfalls, lakes and forest trails to immerse yourself in and the midnight sun shines brightly.

With its harmonious blend of trendsetting design, vibrant culture and pristine natural beauty, Helsinki beckons luxury travelers who are eager to experience Finland’s sophisticated capital city.

Stroll picturesque harborside paths before exploring the Design District’s showrooms, boutiques and museums highlighting iconic Nordic aesthetics. Wander past street art and historic neoclassical landmarks in landmark-rich downtown or take a day trip to majestic Porvoo for a dose of colorful medieval charm along the river.

Helsinki provides easy access to the Finnish Archipelago, a stunning coastal island chain perfect for swimming, sailing and unwinding away from urban energy. Back onshore, the city’s walking and biking trails tempt active travelers while world-class hotels, critically acclaimed New Nordic restaurants and indulgent day spas satisfy those craving pure relaxation. With endless summer daylight during June and July, Helsinki dazzles at the height of its White Nights festival season.

Yet winter magnifies the city’s magic. Snuggle in sleek lounges behind floor-to-ceiling windows and await the dazzling Northern Light displays over the harbor. A chilled sparkling cocktail or local craft brew finishes off perfect days in Helsinki.

Nestled between two expansive lakes, Tampere delights luxury travelers with vibrant street art, abundant nature trails and Scandinavia’s most exquisite lakeside saunas.

Stroll along scenic walking paths to admire rapids and waterfalls. Visit intriguing niche museums and historic red-brick factories that are now home to quirky shops and cafes.

Just an hour and a half from Helsinki, Tampere acts as the perfect luxurious weekend break to restore body and soul – Finnish style. Indulge in a relaxing massage before sweating out your stresses the traditional way – in your very own private lakeside sauna. After, take a dip in the crisp waters before a supper of seasonal New Nordic cuisine, washed down with a craft cocktail.

With warm summers bathed in the Midnight Sun and snow-covered winters prime for chasing the elusive Northern Lights, Tampere entices luxury travelers year-round with its vibrant urban pulse and harmonious nature.

Achieve urban revitalization and Scandinavian wellness all in one stylish, laid back package when you choose luxurious Tampere.

As Finland’s former capital and oldest city, Turku enchants luxury travelers with medieval charm, maritime history and contemporary culture.

Just a two hour ferry ride from Stockholm, Turku tempts as the perfect luxurious weekend break to indulge body and mind.

Book a relaxing spa treatment before heading to the majestic outdoor market hall to sample artisanal Finnish delicacies. Wander through expansive squares and stroll on streets lined with brightly-hued 19th century wooden houses. Discover the towering 13th century cathedral and grand castle, now a history museum. Tuck into Nordic cuisine using fresh coastal ingredients.

Discover Finland’s complex history and culture while appreciating the modern art and food scenes when you choose to make stylish Turku your Nordic base.

In northernmost Finnish Lapland lies a magical winter wonderland that offers travelers rare access to exquisite Arctic experiences.

Stay in a cozy yet lavish log cabin overlooking the icy splendor of silent forests and lakes. Or choose accommodation truly reflecting the setting by spending the night snuggled inside a glass-domed igloo, watching for the vibrant Northern Lights.

By day, dash across snowy hills behind your own eager sled-dog team, before you ease your aching muscles in your cabin’s private sauna and hot tub.

Take time also to learn ancient Lappish handicrafts and sample smoked salmon, cloudberry liqueur and other local delicacies that celebrate Lapland’s indigenous Sámi culture that is still thriving today.

With countless exclusive excursions highlighting Lapland’s unique set of indigenous Arctic experiences, Out Of Office builds completely customized itineraries so that your luxury Lapland escape will suit you exactly.

  • January

    -9°C - -1°C

    January is well into the winter season in Finland, get used to regular snowfall in the North and even in Helsinki. January on average has just under 50 hours of sunlight for the whole month due to its northern position. This means the majority of the day will be spent in dusky - darkness which adds to the magic.

  • February

    -10°C - -1°C

    February is the coldest month of the year with a daily average of -6°C. Again in the North there will be regular snow showers coating the landscape in beautiful sparkling snow. February has around 120 hours of sunlight in total.

  • March

    -6°C - -1°C

    Temperatures in March start to get slightly warmer, but it is still very cold so you will definitely need plenty of warm clothes.

  • April

    -1°C - 8°C

    April sees warmer temperatures and barely any snowfall. If you are wanting to see the winter landscape, April is really the last month we recommend visiting.

  • May

    4°C - 15°C

    May is a pleasant month, with no snow or rain and warmer temperatures, the daily average is 10°C so it's not shorts weather yet!

  • June

    9°C - 19°C

    June is very similar to May, temperatures continuing to rise with the daily average getting to 14°C. There is a little more rainfall in June but on average, the days are longer and sunnier. A great time to visit Helsinki if you aren't a fan of the cold. In Lapland, June is the first month you will experience the midnight sun with 24 hours of sunlight.

  • July

    12°C - 21°C

    July is the warmest month with average daily temperatures reaching 17°C. July also experiences the longest days, with the sun rising at 4:00 am and setting at 10:30 pm in Helsinki and in the north (Lapland) there is 24hr of sunlight.

  • August

    11°C - 19°C

    From August, daily averages fall slightly to around 15°C. August also experiences the highest level of rainfall at around 90mm for the month. Again in Lapland, the sun stays out for a long time, there is around 20 hours of sunlight.

  • September

    6°C - 14°C

    September is where the weather starts to get a little cooler with averages sitting at around 10°C. It is also the second rainiest month with around 80 mm of precipitation.

  • October

    -8°C - 2°C

    October is a bit of a transition month, it isn't quite cold enough for snow, but temperatures are on their way to getting very cold. Winter activities won't be available in the North yet but it will still be chilly.

  • November

    -2°C - 2°C

    In November the weather starts to enter the winter season, the snow will start to fall and temperatures will drop to sub-zero.

  • December

    -7°C - 0°C

    December is a festive month, with regular snow fall and cold temperatures. December is an ideal time to visit if you want that festive winter feeling. Average sunlight hours are around 3 hours.

Fly into the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. From here you can connect to places such as Lapland on internal flights with Finnair. Ivalo is the nearest major airport to the Arctic Circle in Finland.

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