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Famous for its world-class wine, food, and scenery, France is a destination that can create a lifetime of memories. An extremely welcoming country, it is home to some of the most influential writers, thinkers and painters as well as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris.

At a glance

Chateaus that are synonymous with the French countryside can be found throughout every region and French vineyards are world-renowned for their produce.

France is best enjoyed with company to soak up all it has to offer – luckily, with our group trips, you never have to worry about who will feature in your iconic Eiffel Tower pictures. Try Burgundy for its famous wine, Champagne for the world-famous bubbles or a cruise through Provence for a true taste of the French lifestyle.

The French Riviera offers an abundance of hillside villages overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean and beach resorts such as Saint Tropez and Cannes are the stomping ground for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

LGBT rights in France

France has consistently been named as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world and plenty of recent polls have indicated that a majority of the French population supports same-sex marriage.

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LGBT Group Trip: Cruising The River Seine

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Private Yacht: Sailing the Cote D’Azur


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French Vineyards
French Vineyards


This itinerary will give you the chance to explore Paris and then take to the vineyards of Provence. You’ll go truffle hunting, explore Medieval castles and taste the finest foods and wines. Local experts will guide you round the streets of...

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Travel Information

When you think of France, romance, food and art springs to mind. Whether you head to Paris for a romantic city break or visit the South for long sunny days whilst surrounded by acres of vineyards, or a snowy ski holiday in the Alps, France pretty much has it all. The capital city is a must visit and with it being only a 2 and a half Eurostar train ride away from London. Of course, you must visit the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, the Notre Dame and the Louvre, but Paris has so much more to offer. The fantastic cuisine, the art galleries, the shopping and the laid-back French lifestyle are wonderful to experience.

You’ll find many of the world’s greatest artistic treasures in Paris. You can also explore regions such as Normandy in the north with its charming Medieval capital, Rouen. In the south you can enjoy the warm weather and high life of the French Riviera. France is the most visited country on earth for a reason.

France became a byword for elegance and sophistication during the Early Modern period. Most European countries used French as the lingua franca. Madame de Pomp­adour said, “My pleasure is not to think about the gold in my coffers but to spend it.” Marie Antoinette took her advice to heart. Napoleon may have met his Waterloo but France’s dominant role in fashion and the arts remains. This is the land of haute couture, after all. Let them eat cake… but maybe steak tartare and a bottle of Burgundy first.

Gay people in France live quite openly. It’s a country that’s fundamentally conservative but with a strong libertarian, even libertine tendency. Homosexual activity has raged far more visibly in French history than in many other countries. This is a country where presidents can conduct open affairs and still stay in office.

France has consistently been named as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world and plenty of recent polls have indicated that a majority of the French population supports same-sex marriage.

Since it is so easy to get to Paris is a great city break. Catch the Eurostar from Kings Cross St Pancras to Paris (which takes on two and a half hours) and you’re there! Spend three to four days visiting the main sites and enjoy the French art de Vivre (art of living).

Skiing is a great holiday for the family, friends or even by yourself. The French Alps is one of the best places to ski, and the large number of resorts means skiing is available to everyone no matter what ability you are. The fresh mountain air, the slope side restaurants and most importantly the French apres will make your holiday fantastic (along with the skiing!).

Quite often overshadowed by other sunny destinations, but the south of France is actually a wonderful summer holiday spot. The French Riviera is particularly beautiful. Why not venture on a little road trip and visit idyllic Aix-en-Provence, buzzing Marseille and gorgeous Saint Tropez.

  • January

    -7°C - 8°C

    In January, temperatures nationwide are cold. In Paris, the daily average is around 5°C but in the mountains, the daily average is around -5°C (dependent on how high up you are, higher altitudes will be colder than this).

  • February

    -8°C - 7°C

    February is the coldest month of the year with a daily average of -6°C in the mountains and 4°C in Paris. February is the best month to go skiing as there will be plenty of snowfall and due to the cold temperatures, conditions will be ideal.

  • March

    -5°C - 9°C

    Temperatures in March start to increase slightly. If you are wanting to go skiing, then there will still be plenty of snow, however, resorts which are higher up will have better snow conditions. In Paris, the daily average is 9°C

  • April

    -1°C - 11°C

    April is the last month of the ski season, snow conditions will be at their worst due to temperatures increasing causing the snow to melt. In Paris, there is also an increase in temperature with a daily average of around 11°C.

  • May

    8°C - 20°C

    May time is ideal for visiting Paris since it is still outside of peak season but weather wise, it's not too hot but not cold either. The Alps are not just good winter destinations. If you like hiking and mountain biking, many of the resorts have summer seasons which are perfect if you want an active outdoorsy holiday.

  • June

    14°C - 27°C

    June is coming into peak season with temperatures getting a lot warmer. In the south, daily averages reach around 25°C with very little rainfall.

  • July

    16°C - 30°C

    July is one of the hottest months with daily averages in Paris reaching 23°C and in the south reaching 27°C. Enjoy the long hot lazy days.

  • August

    16°C - 31°C

    Like July, August brings beautiful long, hot sunny days nationwide. With the weather being so good, August is also one of the most expensive months.

  • September

    13°C - 21°C

    September is a lovely time to visit, with there being very little rainfall and lovely warm temperatures. It's not as hot as August which makes it a good month to visit Paris if you don't like sightseeing in the scorching heat!

  • October

    8°C - 16°C

    October is where there is a noticeable drop in temperature. Averages in Paris are around 14°C but it has known to get quite cold in previous years. It can also get quite rainy in October.

  • November

    -2°C - 11°C

    In November temperatures continue to fall with daily averages reaching 7°C. In the high ski resorts snow will start to fall, but not enough for ski lifts to open.

  • December

    -6°C - -8°C

    December is a beautiful month. With light dustings of snow in the lower down parts of France and snow covered mountains in the Alps. With the snow brings cold temperatures so make sure you wrap up warm.

Fly to Paris or take the Eurostar to various cities such as Lille or Disneyland Paris. France is well connected through a series of regional airports throughout the central region and the popular South of France.

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