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The United Kingdom, the melting pot of multiple countries and accents to accompany them. From Bonnie Scotland to Cockney London, the UK is one of the most gay-welcoming destinations in Europe.

From iconic historical sites such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, this is a bucket list country – if only to see so many of those destinations that are etched on our mind thanks to the Royal Family.

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Trips to United Kingdom

Gay Group Trip: Historic England Group Trip
From 11 daysFrom £5840
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Gay Group Trip: Historic England

This gay group trip takes you through the north, south, east and west of England taking in all of the most beautiful and historic sites that make the United Kingdom such a magical place to visit. Full of medieval castles,...

London to Berlin on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Group TripOrient Express
From 2 daysFrom £2195
View Itinerary

London to Berlin on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Take a journey into paradise and enjoy this wonderful adventure on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Start your journey in London and end in Berlin. You will enjoy delicious food prepared by the very best chefs and the staff are there...

London to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Group TripBucket List
From 2 daysFrom £2195
View Itinerary

London to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Embark on the world-famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train on an overnight journey from London to Venice. With its renowned vintage carriages and exquisite cuisine accompanied with fine wines, a trip on board this luxury train is one you’ll cherish for a...

Gay Group Trip: Cultural England Group TripHistory And Culture
From 10 daysFrom £
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Gay Group Trip: Cultural England

Take a trip to the Old World and discover the history of England. You’ll begin in London, one of the world’s most exciting and diverse cities. London has more active Grindr users than any other city, making it the world’s...

London and Edinburgh Tailor-Made
From 8 daysFrom £1125
View Itinerary

London and Edinburgh

Explore two of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Spend five days in London, where you will tour around some of its most famous tourist spots including Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliment and Buckingham Palace. Head out onto the Thames...

London, Manchester and Liverpool Tailor-Made
From 8 daysFrom £795
View Itinerary

London, Manchester and Liverpool

This itinerary takes you to London, Manchester and Liverpool. Visiting the capital city you’ll explore the famous streets of London, immersing yourself in London life as you have the opportunity to jump on its famous red double-decker buses, visit Buckingham...

Experience London And Paris Tailor-Made
From 7 daysFrom £1795
View Itinerary

Experience London And Paris

You haven’t “done” Europe until you’ve acquainted yourself with its two most influential cities. In London, you’ll see everything from Buckingham Palace to the bustling streets of Soho. Paris is only a short train ride away. In the French capital,...

England: Crown And Country Tailor-Made
From 7 daysFrom £2555
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England: Crown And Country

The British monarchy continues to fascinate the world. The Queen is probably the most famous person on the planet. This itinerary will show you the major palaces and destinations associated with the royal family. You’ll gain insights into the fascinating...

Experience Yorkshire Tailor-Made
From 8 daysFrom £2225
View Itinerary

Experience Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK, and it is deeply connected to its long history. The landscapes are dotted with Medieval castles, green fields and pubs. So many pubs! You’ll eat fish and chips, walk the Medieval walls...

London, Paris And Berlin Tailor-Made
From 9 daysFrom £2895
View Itinerary

London, Paris And Berlin

Discover the three major capital cities of Europe. There is so much history and culture to discover it can be overwhelming. This itinerary will ensure that you see the major sights, taste the best food and learn about three countries...

London, Barcelona And Mykonos Tailor-Made
From 10 daysFrom £2785
View Itinerary

London, Barcelona And Mykonos

See the cultural sights of two great European cities and then unwind on an idyllic Greek island. This will make for an ideal mix of culture and relaxation. In London, you’ll see Shakespeare’s Globe and The Crown Jewels. You’ll also experience...

Quintessential England Tailor-MadeSouth of England
From 7 daysFrom £1855
View Itinerary

Quintessential England

Quintessential England calls to mind afternoon tea, the dreaming spires of Oxford and an afternoon stroll down the Strand. All of those boxes will be ticked on this tour of the major historic centres of Southern England. You’ll take a trip around...

United Kingdom: The Out Of Office Collection Tailor-Made
From 7 daysFrom £1700
View Itinerary

United Kingdom: The Out Of Office Collection

Discover some Downton or regal sophistication in the United Kingdom. From stately homes in the countryside to luxury hotels in the heart of London, we’ve chosen the best the UK has to offer. There’s certainly no shortage of luxury hotels...

Hotels in United Kingdom

United Kingdom: The Out Of Office Collection

Getting to United Kingdom

London Heathrow airport is one of the busiest in the world with flights arriving from all four corners of the globe. Most countries have direct flights to London.

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General Information

Beautiful rural landscape, tradition and lively cities; the United Kingdom has a lot to offer. Head to London if you want to experience everything patriotic – not to mention scintillating nightlife. Take a tour of Buckingham Palace, visit the many museums and head up in the London Eye for the best views of London’s skyline.

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, why not head out on the Thames for a romantic dinner cruise. Branching out from London you’ll quickly find the tall concrete buildings turn to luscious grassy hills.

Head to the Cotswolds for a spot of fresh air. Immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside and hope that it doesn’t rain!

Then visit Scotland and see Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile and its castle.

What Everyone Does In The UK

With it being the capital city of England, London is a great place to start your holiday. With lots of great tourist spots, fantastic shopping and stylish hotels, your stay is sure to be jam-packed and memorable. London is Europe’s only mega-city, with a population greater than Berlin and Paris combined.

What Some People Do In The UK

Venture out of London and head up to the Cotswolds for a spot of hiking, biking and fresh air. Here you will find some of England’s most stunning landscapes.

What No One Else Does In England

Have London as your base allowing you to venture out to more places. Why not take a day trip to Bath to see the ancient Roman baths. It is such a lovely city to walk around with beautiful buildings and boutique shops. Why not spend a few nights up in Edinburgh. It’s only a 45-minute flight from London and embraces true Scottish Tradition.

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United Kingdom: The Out Of Office Collection

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