There’s a historical tale around every corner in Egypt. The world has always been obsessed by Pharaohs, hieroglyphics and pyramids. The Valley of the Kings is a walkway directly into the past, which will leave you reeling from its sheer splendour.

Whilst Egypt cannot be highly recommended for gay and lesbian travellers, it is one that is still worth visiting if you feel comfortable doing so simply due to the astounding volume of historical treasures.

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LGBT Rights in Egypt

Trips to Egypt

Gay Group Trip: Highlights Of EgyptGroup Trip
From 9 daysFrom £4865
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Gay Group Trip: Highlights Of Egypt

It is said that Cleopatra could speak seven languages and had exquisite taste. Egypt’s ancient wise monarch would certainly approve of this trip to Egypt, fit for a queen. This intriguing country of gods and goddesses, pharaohs and fantasies will inspire...

LGBT Group Trip: Explore Egypt Along The NileGroup Trip
From 12 daysFrom £5535
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LGBT Group Trip: Explore Egypt Along The Nile

    Departs on
  • 20th November 2021

Explore the land of the Egyptians on this wonderful 12-day trip. Start in Cairo, the country’s capital. You will then fly to Luxor where we board our ship. Embark on a magical cruise down the Nile, where you will visit...

Gay Group Trip: Luxury Nile CruiseGroup TripCulture/Adventure
From 13 daysFrom £5585
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Gay Group Trip: Luxury Nile Cruise

Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt while staying in luxury hotels and travelling in style. This trip includes four nights onboard the SunBoat IV, a magnificent Nile cruiser. There’s no better way to sail down Egypt’s fabled river. You’ll visit...

Gay Group Trip: Egypt And The Valley Of The KingsGroup TripMost Popular
From 10 daysFrom £
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Gay Group Trip: Egypt And The Valley Of The Kings

    Departs on
  • 3rd April 2021
  • 13th April 2021
  • 24th April 2022

The history of Egypt is unrivalled. The pyramids were the largest standing buildings in the world until Lincoln Cathedral was built in 1311 AD. Egypt’s Dynastic Period stretches way back to 3100BCE and continues until 30BCE with Cleopatra, Egypt’s last...

Gay Group Trip: The Pyramids of EgyptGroup Trip
From 10 daysFrom £
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Gay Group Trip: The Pyramids of Egypt

    Departs on
  • 4th December 2021

Join a group of gay travellers and discover ancient Egypt in style. You’ll be sailing on board the luxurious Nile Adventurer. Over ten days you’ll see the highlights of Egypt on this expertly plotted itinerary. You’ll visit the Great Pyramids...

Hotels in Egypt

Getting to Egypt

Experience the history of Egypt by flying into Cairo. There are also a number of beach destinations in the region such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

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Gay Group Trip: The Pyramids of Egypt

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