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French Polynesia: Why you should visit this amazing country

It is in the middle of nowhere but this collection of tropical islands is the perfect holiday destination

If you can get past the 27 hour flight time with around 3 stops then you are going to fall in love with French Polynesia. Yes, it may be a pain to get to, but the quality of resorts and the stunning scenery will make up for it. To break up your long journey we suggest stopping in Los Angeles on the way down for a few days. There are direct flights from LA to Tahiti which will make your journey a little bit more bearable. A holiday to Bora Bora is the ultimate in luxury!

French Polynesia is a collection of islands located in the middle of the South Pacific ocean and far away from any other country, so if you are looking to maroon yourself on an island for a couple of weeks then this is the place to do it. The main island is Tahiti, which has more of a city vibe. Stay here for a couple of days at the end of your trip but if you are looking to stay in an iconic overwater bungalow, then we suggest heading to another island. 



Bora Bora is the most famous, and rightly so with its tropical scenery and beautiful white sandy beaches. Here you will find some of the most luxurious resorts with the sunset water villas everyone dreams of staying in. The quality of service provided by the staff is impeccable and they are there to make your stay memorable and special. You pay a lot for it, though the resorts are exquisite but we also like some of the less well-known islands such as Mo'orea. Here you will find some beautiful 4-star resorts which also have the iconic bungalows but won't break the bank as much! 



Since you have flown all that way, you might as well make the most of it. We recommend doing a little island hopping itinerary, allowing you to experience a couple of the islands during your stay. It is easy to get from one island to another (either by a short plane journey or a speed boat transfer which we can arrange for you). The other islands you can visit are Tetiaroa which is where Barack Obama spent a month with his wife Michelle, to write his White House memoir. This private island is the epitome of luxury and is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and tropical flora and fauna. If you like diving then this island has some incredible reefs waiting to be explored. Many of the resorts in French Polynesia have a diving centre with qualified PADI instructors. 

If you are looking to make your special day even more magical then why not celebrate your love with your partner by saying your vows on a beautiful beach at sunset in. You can have a legal civil ceremony in French Polynesia even if you are a same-sex couple "" it goes without saying that we can arrange your gay wedding in Bora Bora for you. Many of the resorts have wedding planners on site who will take care of everything for you too once you arrive.



French Polynesia is also one of the best destinations for honeymoons with the majority of resorts having incredible honeymoon benefits. You want to spend it with your loved one but we know it's a lovely bonus to have which is why we always ensure we arrange them where possible.

So if you need a holiday where you can leave all responsibility behind you as soon as you step off the plane then French Polynesia is the destination for you. The all-inclusive resorts make life easy and relaxing. 

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