Luxury The Benefits of Visiting The Islands of Tahiti in the Low-Season vacations

The Benefits of Visiting The Islands of Tahiti in the Low-Season

Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia is one of our most popular destinations

The Islands of Tahiti experience only two main seasons; the May to October Summer and the November to April Winter. Whilst the former is generally preferred for its lower levels of humidity and lack of rainfall, it’s also the most expensive and busiest time to visit any of the islands. On the other hand, the November to April low-season is often overlooked as the less desirable time to plan a trip to The Islands of Tahiti. However, lower demand for experiences, seasonal wildlife and unmissable opportunities for discovery all make this season a uniquely attractive time to plan a trip to what is widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled luxury travel destinations.

Read on to explore just some of the reasons why visiting The Islands of Tahiti during the low-season is a fantastic idea.

Low Cost 

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to visiting The Islands of Tahiti during the low season is the noticeable decrease in cost. From tours and excursions to reservations at the five-star restaurants found across the country’s resorts, the cost of visiting Tahiti outside of the peak months will be considerably lower, meaning you can experience more of this uniquely awe-inspiring archipelago.

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Though the already high temperatures may be even hotter during this season, The Islands of Tahiti still experience a year-round comfortable climate, and you’ll notice days of beaming sunshine and torrential rain regardless of when you visit. For this reason, the low season can be the perfect time to combine cheaper prices and generally good weather into a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


Flourishing Nature

With fertile volcanic soil and the perfect climate for growth, The Islands of Tahiti are abundant with flourishing plant life throughout the year. However, with the increased rain of the low season, from November to April, visitors to the country will find a particularly vibrant natural environment. If you haven’t been to The Islands of Tahiti before, it can be hard to imagine the sheer volume and richness of the island’s tropical flora, but with bountiful jungle spilling onto white sand beaches, and a technicolor array of wildflowers, it is certainly a sight you’ll never forget.

Located on the main island of Tahiti, The Intercontinental Resort and Spa epitomizes the archipelago’s low-season natural beauty with acres of lush gardens and unspoiled verdant jungle. To preserve this unique slice of paradise, the Intercontinental is committed to a sustainability-focused mission that includes plant and marine conservation, as well as educational opportunities for guests. Visiting the resort during this season will not only allow you to experience the beauty of Tahiti at its peak but also learn about what goes into preserving and supporting one of the world’s most delicate ecosystems.

Seasonal Marine Life

It isn’t just the nature on land that can be at its most impressive during The Islands of Tahiti’s low-season; with deeper and warmer waters, the months of October to December also see the arrival of migrating humpback whales to the country’s coasts. Spending most of the year in the icy oceans of the polar regions, humpback whales move into the milder subtropical waters of the South Pacific in order to give birth and raise their calves out of infancy. This predictable pattern of migration means that the low-season in The Islands of Tahiti is not only the perfect time to witness generally abundant marine life, but more specifically, to watch humpback whales slide through the waves with their offspring in tow.

With overwater bungalows stretching out into one of The Islands of Tahiti’s best-maintained coral reefs, the Sofitel Mo’orea Kia Ora Beach Resort is arguably the pinnacle of the country’s marine offerings, and whilst you’re unlikely to spot any whales from your bungalow balcony, the shallow reef is home to a diverse and thriving population of fish species. However, there are numerous whale-watching tours operating from Mo’orea, and guided by knowledgeable local experts, these are the best way to catch a glimpse of a playful pod of young humpbacks.

Lower Demand

Whilst home to countless islands offering opportunities for secluded escapes, The Islands of Tahiti is still a small country and one of the disadvantages of its global reputation as a luxury vacation destination is the sheer number of visitors who flock to its shores each year. With a limited number of places on tours, excursions and in any of the resort’s five-star restaurants, you need to plan ahead to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that The Islands of Tahiti have to offer. Booking your trip to fall within the low-season means avoiding the rush of the peak months, and guarantees that you’ll be able to make the most of this truly unforgettable archipelago.

Some resorts do low-season luxury better than others, and the Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts is certainly one of them. Offering a uniquely intimate Polynesian experience, Le Bora Bora is a smaller resort that boasts some of the country’s most charming and romantic overwater accommodations. It’s also the ideal place for a low-season getaway, as the diminished number of guests will give you access to the most sought-after tours and experiences whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the most attentive and personal service possible.

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