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A largely rural country, Laos is a peaceful land of green forests and sprawling rice fields. Laos isn’t a country that’s experienced extensive tourism – it’s an off-the-beaten-path destination for more adventurous travellers looking to discover a more enigmatic part of Asia. Laos can take you on your very own spiritual journey via its web of temples and holy grounds.

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A verdant haven tucked away in Southeast Asia, Laos tempts travellers with its untamed natural beauty and profound spirituality. From the misty limestone karst peaks of Vang Vieng to the meandering rivers carving through emerald countryside, this landlocked nation reveals one breathtaking panorama after another. For the adventurer, Laos offers a wealth of opportunities to explore its wild spaces – whether trekking through virgin rainforests, kayaking along the Mekong, or rock climbing in Thakhek’s dramatic landscapes.

Laos’ deeply-rooted cultural heritage is also well worth experiencing. Immerse yourself in the Buddhist soul of Luang Prabang, a spiritual nexus where intricately carved temples and bejeweled stupas line the iconic riverbanks. Witness the sacred rituals of monks collecting alms at sunrise. Delight in timeless traditions like monk blessings, baci ceremonies, and masterful artisan crafts that endure from village to village.

Despite Laos’ unhurried, ultra-laidback ambiance, luxury seekers can indulge in sublime five-star experiences across the nation. Stretch out in tranquil wellness sanctuaries overlooking misty paddies, or board a luxury Mekong River cruiser for an epic voyage. Enjoy Lao cuisine’s distinctive flavours through high-end restaurants and immersive cooking workshops.

Laos provides a soul-stirring journey for those seeking something different. This relatively untouched oasis unveils treasures both built and natural, all to enthrall even the most seasoned explorer.

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This country has so much to offer from spiritual journeys to eye-opening culture and adrenalin pumping activities. If you are looking for an all rounded experience, then Laos is perfect. The capital. Visit Luang Prabang which is located in the North of Laos. This wonderful city will open your eyes to a whole new world of colour, culture and tradition. Here you will find stunning ancient temples and cultural museums. If you are looking for an authentic rural experience, then head to Vang Vieng. This off the beaten track is not well known to tourists making it a perfect destination if you are looking for an original experience. Head to the Vieng Xai to see the ‘bomb-shelter caves’. Take a boat trip through these mystical caves which were formerly used as shelters when under attack.Head to the capital city Vientiane which is known for being one of the quietest capital cities in the world. Here you can visit the Buddhist temple Pha That Luang along with many other cultural sites. It offers a much more laid-back experience, it definitely is a slow-paced city, filled with charm and character. If you like ancient ruins, then head to Champasak, which is home to the famous Wat Phu Champasak.

In Laos, LGBTQ+ rights remain underdeveloped, with societal attitudes and legal protections lagging behind many other countries. While same-sex sexual activity is legal, there is a notable absence of laws specifically protecting against discrimination or recognising same-sex unions.

The conservative nature of Lao society means that LGBTQ+ issues are rarely discussed openly, contributing to a lack of visibility and advocacy for the community. However, the capital, Vientiane, has seen a gradual increase in LGBTQ+ visibility, with occasional events and a growing awareness of LGBTQ+ identities. Despite these small steps forward, significant legal and social advancements are still needed to ensure full rights and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community in Laos.

The most popular destination in Laos is Luang Prabang. Purely because there is so much to do and see. Home to the Wat Xieng Thong Temple which is the most photographed temple in Laos.

Why not see Laos from a different perspective? Cruise down the Mekong River along the border of Thailand and watch the beautiful rural countryside float past.

Go all out and do a tour of Asia, combine Laos with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and venture on our Indochina Heritage route itinerary which takes 16 days. Comparing the culture and experience from each country is fascinating.

    Not many international airlines fly into Laos. Most flights will connect via Bangkok from where you can fly onwards to either Vientiane or Luang Prabang.

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