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Fascinating culture meets unprecedented luxury in gorgeous Malta.

Malta is a small archipelago boasting Mediterranean waters and sun-soaked shores. A haven of luxury travel, the country has enormous potential for exploration and sumptuous relaxation.

We’ve collated everything on offer in this incredibly unique country into one luxurious travel guide, covering a range of areas from nature and wellness to Malta’s fascinating culture and history.

Culture and history in Malta


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If you want to understand Malta’s rich and complex history you’ve got to go back to the start. Why not visit one of the country’s megalithic temples? These sites offer a glimpse into the lives and beliefs of the first prehistoric inhabitants of the islands. These ancient temples are a testament to the immense skill of these early worshipers. They are also some of the world’s oldest remaining free-standing structures. Malta’s megalithic temples can be found across the archipelago and are UNESCO World Heritage certified.

History buffs who are visiting Malta and looking for a taste of luxury should endeavour to visit the country’s former capital of Mdina. This sleepy walled city was founded in the 8th century BC by Phoenician settlers and is today known affectionately as “the silent city”. The city is also one of the best places in Malta to indulge in traditional Mediterranean luxury. Here you’ll be able to dine at five-star restaurants serving contemporary takes on organic Maltese cuisine. The Xara Palace is a particularly great choice for travelers seeking the pinnacle of opulence in tranquil Mdina.

Food and drink

One of the country’s most famous and beloved dishes is undoubtedly fenkata. Fenkata is a rabbit stew that has been served in Malta’s homes and restaurants for centuries. This traditional dish originated in the archipelago’s rural areas before being adopted and adapted by many of the country’s top chefs.

Malta’s most exciting, and exclusive, fine-dining experience is a meal at Valletta’s premier culinary destination, Noni. Noni serves a menu that is focused on locally sourced and seasonally available ingredients. Chef Jonathan Brincat curates a mouth-watering menu inspired by the flavours of Malta and the wider Mediterranean region.

It’s not just Malta’s edible offerings that should tempt any prospective gastronomic traveller. The country is also a European capital of wine production, home to a collection of established wineries. Dating back to the Roman occupation of the archipelago, wine has long been the domain of local artisans on Malta who work from vineyards such as those at Marsovin Winery.

Adventure and outdoor pursuits


Though Malta’s ancient cities, sandy shores, and rocky landscapes may initially conjure images of peaceful relaxation, it’s important to recognize the country’s unbelievable potential for unforgettable adventures and outdoor pursuits. From kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding to rock climbing and scuba diving, there’s an adrenaline-spiking experience for everyone on Malta’s sunny shores.

It should come as no surprise that one of the most popular outdoor activities in Malta is scuba diving. A collection of world-class dive sites can be found across the archipelago with the most famous being Gozo’s Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is an underwater cave popular with novice and experienced divers alike. You’ll find dive centers at most of Malta’s coastal hubs.

Whilst the words ‘luxury’ and ‘adventure’ might not initially seem like fitting companions to one another, in Malta they very much are. You might consider chartering a private yacht cruise around the archipelago, or a helicopter tour of Valletta.

Nature and wellness in Malta

When it comes to relaxation, wellness, and reconnecting with nature, the islands of Malta have a lot to offer the discerning luxury traveler. With beautiful scenery, a comfortable climate, and a bounty of spas and wellness facilities, Malta is the perfect destination for some much-needed Rejuvenation.

Without a doubt one of Malta’s finest hotel spas, the Deep Nature Spa at The Phoenicia Malta offers a revitalizing wellness experience rooted in organic treatments and designer products. In addition to a dazzling array of spa facilities, the Deep Nature Spa also curates bespoke treatments for guests. These treatments are based on their individual wellness needs and medical histories.

Wellness experiences can be had anywhere on the country’s stunning shores. Malta’s sandy beaches and tranquil countryside lend themselves perfectly to personal moments of connection and reflection. One of the most popular ways to indulge in Malta’s inspiring surroundings is through outdoor yoga.


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