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Mustique is a small and beautiful private island that is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines. World famous for its luxury, the island is one of a group of islands and the total population is just 500. Covering just 2.2 square miles, the island has several coral reefs and is populated with a handful of beautiful resorts. Mustique has a reputation for being one of the most exclusive private islands in the Caribbean.

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4 hours behind the UK

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12 hours direct from UK

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Holidays to Mustique What to do in Mustique

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Your first words when you arrive in Mustique will be ‘Wow!’. It is hard to take in the stunning beaches, crystal clear seas and gorgeous sunshine all at once in this tropical paradise.

Once you have got over how incredible the environment is, take in the impeccable accommodation standards which are found in Mustique. It’s like a different world, where movies stars, celebrities and the super rich visit to escape for a week or two… or maybe a month! 

With the island being so small, there isn’t much to do other than enjoying the facilities at the hotel and visit the beaches. One of the famous resorts on the island is the Cotton House. It comes at a high price, but you are rewarded with top quality service from the friendly staff, a beautiful beach and a lively bar in the evenings - what more could you want?

What everyone does in Mustique

Because it is so expensive, not many people can say they have visited Mustique. When you are there take in as much of that tropical sunshine as you can!

What some people do in Mustique

The beauty with Mustique is that you can do as much or as little or as you wish. The island has some great diving spots which are fun to explore. You can also surf and snorkel in the seas, or take a romantic horseback ride along the beach.

What no one else does in Mustique

Why stop at Mustique? We can create you a Caribbean itinerary where you can visit a selection of islands such as Barbados, St Lucia and Puerto Rico.

Luxury holidays to Mustique Weather in Mustique

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