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Holidays to St Lucia

Holidays to

St Lucia


St Lucia’s lush greenery, white sand and sea so blue you wonder how it can be real are all part of what makes the island so popular. If you’re craving a stress-free holiday filled with beach wanderings and pampering, Out of Office recommends certain welcoming resorts on this beautiful island. Be sure to explore its botanical gardens and discover its picturesque waterfalls.

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Holidays to St Lucia What to do in St Lucia

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Known for its breathtaking scenery, the combination of mountains coated in jungle plants and the white sandy beaches along with the pockets of luxurious resorts makes it the perfect places to relax if you are seeking a laid-back atmosphere.

Our favourite resorts are The Bodyholiday which is great if you are looking for a full body detox. With daily massages and a wide selection of health boosting classes, you will leave the resort feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Another favourite is Rendezvous which is perfect for couples. The romantic setting makes is perfect for a honeymoon destination as well.

Outside of the wonderful resorts, you will find lots of interesting places to visit, including Soufrière which is said to be the heart of St Lucia. See the majestic towers of rock, known as Pitons which are dressed in jungle foliage. Head to Rodney Bay where you will find the artificial lagoon which serves as a nice centre point for Rodney Bay Village. There are many bars and restaurants which surround the bay and it’s a lovely place to take a stroll around.  

What everyone does in St Lucia

Like many of the other Caribbean islands, St Lucia is great if you are looking to bathe in gorgeous Caribbean sunshine but have activities to do outside of the resort.

What some people do in St Lucia

Combine St Lucia with Barbados and experience both islands in one trip. Go all out and sail around the Caribbean and visit more of these wonderful tropical islands.

What no one else does in St Lucia

Technically it is not actually an island but a trip to Pigeon Island is a great way to fill a day if you are looking for things to do. This national park is lovely to walk around and explore the old barracks.  

Luxury holidays to St Lucia Weather in St Lucia

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