The importance of travel bloggers

With a number of LGBT travel bloggers travelling the world to bring you the best tips, we acknowledge their valuable place in helping all of us travel more safely

The Internet is a realm of openness and diversity in amongst the endless cat compilation videos. Sometimes it can be used for something more useful than procrastination via YouTube, in the form of the entertainment and insight provided by the gay blogging sphere. Even if you've always had your favourite blogger or magazine, you might never have stopped to think about how important their existence really is.


The best thing about gay travel bloggers that dedicate themselves to travel blogging is the amount you, as their audience, can get from it. There are so many secret assets to every country that hardly anyone notices simply because they don't have the determination to seek it out. Travel blogging is so useful, because sometimes reading something written by someone in an internet cafe in the middle of nowhere is the most valuable source of information when it comes to recommendations.

It may sound like a dream job to travel the world but in order to do so the LGBT travel bloggers need to be innovative in where they go, how they pay for it and what they promote without selling out.

Two Bad Tourists
Photo: Two Bad Tourists


Gay travel bloggers can tell you from personal experience how it feels to walk through the streets of somewhere where being gay is illegal. As much as we all wish it wasn't the case, bloggers can recount bad experiences they've had, whether that be a homophobic response to holding hands in the street, or just a bit of an awkward hotelier. They can also tell you the reality of places where being gay is legal, as this doesn't necessarily mean the public are supportive overall.

Nomadic Boys
Photo: Nomadic Boys


How many times have you genuinely been desperately excited to go somewhere? The kind of excited that involves setting a countdown on your phone, or your only conversation involving a casual “by the way, did I tell you I just booked to go….”. Now imagine you turn up in a beautiful country, sun, sea and sand all round, stride up to the doors of a lavish, best-selling bar, hotel, attraction. And once you're in, all you want to do is get as far away as possible, preferably home.

“But the pictures looked so good!” is never a great way to start a holiday. Having a look at some blogging sites written by genuine people is valuable. They have experienced the most popular places and understand why this is the case, as well as the indescribably disappointing places. They can tell you exactly where is worth its prestige and where is best avoiding altogether.

Globetrotter Girls
Photo: Globetrotter Girls

Shared Understanding

Raise your hand if you've ever walked into your hotel room to discover you and your other half will be sleeping in separate twin beds. Plenty of gay travel bloggers will have experienced the exact same thing, along with much more, so reading their shared stories can hopefully make you laugh more than it did when it happened to you!

Our favourite gay travel bloggers include: Two Bad Tourists, Nomadic Boys, Lez Backpack, Travels of Adam, That Gay Backpacker and Globetrotter Girls.

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