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Barbados - an island of beauty that is renowned for its laid back lifestyle, its beautiful beaches, its personality and its luxury hotels. A destination for those looking for indulgence, it has long been a favourite with discerning travellers from across the globe looking to escape to feel the warm Bajan sand underneath their feet. Barbados is famous for its watersports. Plan your Barbados holiday and enjoy the laid back lifestyle, meet the fun loving locals and sample the local rum.

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4 hours behind the UK

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9 hours direct from UK

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Holidays to Barbados What to do in Barbados

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If you fancy a holiday where you can leave all worries behind as soon as you step off the plane, then Barbados is definitely the destination for you.

Unbeatable white sandy beaches, a sea which feels more like a bath it’s so warm and gorgeous tropical sunshine. We work with some beautiful resorts which will make your stay one you will never forget.

Cobblers Cove is a perfect tropical hideaway, sink into ultimate luxury and enjoy the charming boutique styling.

Sandy Lane is one of the top resorts in Barbados and has a fantastic reputation. The stunning decor and impeccable white sandy beaches will make you never want to leave!

What everyone does in Barbados

Barbados is the perfect fly and flop destination since it is quite a way away, we recommend at least 10 nights in this tropical paradise.

What some people do in Barbados

Pair it with another island! You have flown all that way, you might as well soak up as much of the Caribbean as you can. A common pairing would be with St Lucia, it is easy to get to from Barbados and has a different vibe.

What no one else does in Barbados

Why not spend a day exploring the island a little more, other than the beaches there is actually a fair bit you can do. Head down to subterranean levels to visit Harrison’s Cave. This crystallised limestone cavern can be accessed by tramway and contains many flowing streams and crystal clear pools of water. A magical experience.

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