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Holidays to Puerto Rico

Holidays to

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is renowned for being one of the most gay-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. Its luscious landscape of green mountains, waterfalls and the tropical rainforest of El Yunque National Forest sit alongisde its white-sand beaches and coral reefs, popular for snorkelling, diving, surfing and sailing. In cosmopolitan San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its beach bars and nightclubs and casinos whilst for gay nightlife, check out Condado, the tourist district, and Santurce.

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Holidays to Puerto Rico What to do in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has a very different vibe compared to the other Caribbean islands. Its Spanish influence gives it a flamboyant influence, and its strong connections with the US means it has great infrastructure. From a tourist's perspective, there is so much you can do other than lying on a beach. Visit the rainforest and take in the incredible smells, sounds and sites.

Visit Old San Juan and take a stroll around the rustic cobbled streets lined with colourful buildings. Taste the local coffee which the Puerto Ricans pride themselves on - but beware, it’s very strong!

Rum is also a signature drink to the Puerto Ricans and many bars offer Rum tasting sessions which demonstrate the local brands.

If you want to experience true Puerto Rican culture then head to a salsa bar and watch the locals work their magic. Salsa dancing is very popular amongst the locals and attracts all ages. Since it is in the Caribbean, it is blessed with sunshine all year round and beautiful warm seas. The capital city San Juan’s combination of industrial skyscrapers and beautiful white sandy beaches gives it a Miami feel mixed in with the chilled Caribbean atmosphere.

What everyone does in Puerto Rico

Simply strolling around Old Havana is an experience in itself. You can sense the true Puerto Rican culture by doing this, and it's an area of Puerto Rico which has kept its authenticity.

What some people do in Puerto Rico

Combine Old Havana with some well-deserved beach time. There are lots of nice beach areas in Puerto Rico but one of the finest is Playa Flamenco. Not only is this beach area regarded as one of the best in the country but in the Caribbean as well.

What no one else does in Puerto Rico

Add another element to your holiday and going Kayaking the mangroves in La Parguera. Puerto Rico is also known for its zip lining routes above rainforests and if you don’t fancy heights, you can explore it on ground level by quad bike.

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