The Top Activities to do in Puerto Rico

Here are our top recommendations of things to do whilst in visiting this vibrant country

Salsa dancing

Even if you have two left feet or have never danced before, something you have to do whilst in Puerto Rico is head to a salsa bar. Even if you don't dance, just watching the locals perform is wonderful in itself. I was lucky there was a professional instructor teaching any beginners, so I picked up a few moves and after one or two rum and cokes, I was on the dance floor trying to blend in with the locals. What I found very special, was that the dance united so many people from all walks of life. There were old and young couples, locals and tourists, all dancing to the same music in the same bar. You can really tell that the salsa dance is very important to Puerto Ricans as it is one of their main forms of activity they use to socialise with friends, family and is a great way to meet new people. One place you must visit is La Factoria. This is where all the locals hang out, and if you want an authentic salsa bar experience, head here and watch the locals work their magic.

Coffee tasting

The Puerto Ricans claim to produce two of the best drinks in the world, coffee and rum. I am not a coffee drinker myself but after experiencing coffee which has come from locally grown farmers I have warmed to it greatly. In Old San Juan there are lots of lovely boutique coffee shops hidden amongst the old colourful buildings. Trust your instinct and head to one for a mid-morning drink to wake you up. Now the locals like their coffee very strong as they drink so much of it, but the weakest coffee they had was still packed full of flavour. The aroma wafting out of the shop was enticing enough.

Zip lining/ rainforest trekking

One of the activities you have to do when visiting Puerto Rico is a visit to the rainforest. As soon as you step across the threshold, it is like stepping into a whole new world. Your senses will be heightened by the harmonious sounds of the coqui (which are miniature frogs), birds and other wildlife. The smell of fresh rain and tropical plants is incredible and your eyes will be dazzled by the incredible range of humungous trees and ginormous waterfalls. The combination adds up to make an unforgettable experience. There are several viewing platforms you can climb up which give you breathtaking views above the rainforest canopy and beyond. For those of you who are seeking a little more adventure. You can zip line through the rainforest where you will see the rainforest wildlife zoom past your eyes, or see it at ground level and venture on an ATV quad bike tour which is great fun.

Rum tasting

I thought I knew my types of rum before I visited Puerto Rico, but I was shortly corrected when I visited a rum tasting bar. There was a vast range of different rums, all with their unique flavours and colours. Some you could drink straight, some needed mixer, and some nearly burn the back of your throat they are so strong. What was evident was how important the history of rum is to Puerto Ricans. They are very proud, and so they should be, the Pina colada was invented in Puerto Rico after all.

This country has something to satisfy everyone. From culture to adventure, Puerto Rico has so much to offer. So get planning your next adventure and submit your holiday enquiry. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our sales agents by calling 02071571570 or speak to us on live chat.

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