Why Group Travel Is Best

Experiential group trips are all the rage.

Long gone are group holidays involving rolling in and out of downtrodden bars every night. Gone are hazy memories of the night before. Gone is the week-long hangover. A new breed of group travel has emerged-the experiential holiday.

Of course, there’s still plenty who would rather go to Ibiza or Zante for the nightlife rather than the culture. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Experiential group travel is growing in popularity and because of this, people are giving into their curiosity rather than their fears of going somewhere armed with nothing but a rucksack.

River Rafting

Group holidays are the perfect way to catch up with friends when work life means you struggle to even meet up for a coffee sometimes. Why not have a catch up walking through the Valley of the Kings? Or as you hop between Mykonos and Santorini? Or as you explore wildlife in the Galapagos Islands? Any of them would beat a half hour catch-up in your lunch break.

Group experiential travel is now so much easier too. You get package deals, discounts if there’s a certain amount of you, and flexibility. Out Of Office caters to your own requirements, whether you’re a group of ten, a gay couple, a straight couple, or a solo traveller. (After all, who says you have to leave home with a group of friends from the start?)

Choosing experiential travel gives you the opportunity to do things you never could if you’d stuck to your standard ‘group abroad’ options. Seeing a different landscape every day, a different piece of history, or learning about a different culture, will provide reminiscing for years to come. And if one of you forgets, the rest of the group can remember for you! Many people wouldn’t want to travel if they weren’t in a group- it’s all about shared experience.

The packages Out of Office offers are endless when it comes to group trips. For hardcore adventurers, there’s trekking through the Amazon. For artsy groups who would feel more at ease in museums and luxury hotels, there’s Russia, handpicked by us to ensure gay groups can appreciate the surroundings without worry.

Group experiential holidays are always remembered as a highlight of travel experiences. There’s no comparison to doing something entirely new with the people you love. And just think, the more of you there are, the less embarrassing it is to ask a stranger to take a picture of you.

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