The Headhunters Of Borneo

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If you’re looking for an exotic adventure then look no further. This itinerary will take you deep into the rainforest of Borneo where you’ll follow the headhunter’s trail.

Borneo has one of the world’s oldest rainforests and it’s full of vibrant wildlife. You’ll get the chance to meet some orangutangs: they are native to this part of the world and you won’t see them anywhere else. You can also watch the great exodus of the bats.

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Itinerary Breakdown


Day 1: Kuching

When you arrive at the airport your driver will meet you and transfer you to Kuching. Evening at leisure.


Day 2: Kuching

Today your guide will take you on a tour of Kuching. You’ll learn about its multi-cultural history, explore The Astana Palace and visit the Cat Museum. Kuching means “cat” in the local dialect and this museum is dedicated to all things feline.


Day 3: Lemanak River

Your guide will take you to the Semenggok Orangutan Sanctuary and introduce you to these extraordinary primates – they are only found in Borneo and Sumatra so this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You’ll sail the river on a longboat and then drink and dance in an Iban longhouse.


Day 4: Batang Ai

Today you’ll learn the art of the blowpipe and have a go on one yourself. You may have seen them on Ray Mears World Of Survival! They are used to hunt birds.

After exploring the nature trail you’ll be transferred to your hotel.


Day 5: Kuching

You’ll be transferred back to Kuching. Evening at leisure.


Day 6: Mulu

Today you’ll fly to Mulu to discover the great rainforest of Borneo, one of the oldest rainforests in the world. You’ll be staying in a jungle lodge. In the evening you’ll observe the exodus of the bats. Millions of them swoop out of a cave to feast on insects. This process is knowns of one of nature’s greatest feeding frenzies.


Day 7: Mulu

Set out on the headhunter’s trail. Headhunting was once practised widely throughout the world. It essentially boils down to killing people, decapitating them and preserving their heads as a trophy. The practice has largely fizzled out now. You can even visit a longhouse and see skulls from past hunts. Don’t worry, your head will be fully intact at the end of this trip!

Tonight you’ll be camping in the forest.


Day 8: Mulu

After trekking further into the forest you’ll be staying in a longhouse in a local village.

Kota Kinabalu

Day 9: Kota Kinabalu

Today you’ll be transferred by boat then place to Kota Kinabalu. You’ll be staying in a 5-star resort where you can relax after all the headhunting.

Kota Kinabalu

Day 10: Kota Kinabalu

Make the most of the hotel’s spa treatments and enjoy its private beach.

Kota Kinabalu

Day 11: Kota Kinabalu

Enjoy another day at the hotel or slip back into the forest for a wander if you’re feeling adventurous.

Kota Kinabalu

Day 12: Departure

Today you’ll be transferred to the airport for your return flight.

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