Chile stretches along the Pacific Ocean and part of the Atlantic Ocean. It forms an interesting shape on the map – sort of like Portugal but much longer. The vast Andean mountains stretch along the West Coast of South America and loom over much of Chile, including its capital city, Santiago.

The country was ruled by the Incas until the Spanish conquest of the 16th-century. The Inca’s reign had only lasted for around seventy years. Before they extend their empire to incorporate Chile, it was home to the indigenous Mapuche people. The descendants of the Mapuche still live in Chile, chiefly in the Patagonia region.

In the 1970s, Chile’s democratically elected government was overthrown by Augusto Pinochet. Many thousands of people were tortured and disappeared under his rule.

Since 1990, Chile has been a thriving democracy and one of the most stable and prosperous countries in South America.

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LGBT Rights in Chile

Trips to Chile

Gay Group Trip: Patagonia Adventure Group Trip
From 10 daysFrom £6005
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Gay Group Trip: Patagonia Adventure

This intimate Patagonian trip will be the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be trekking along shining blue glaciers, hiking into the mountains and sailing rivers full of cormorants and sea lions. Our trip will begin in Puntas Arenas, known as “The End...

Gay Group Trip: Argentina & Chile Group TripLuxury
From 10 daysFrom £4355
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Gay Group Trip: Argentina & Chile

Join a gay group trip and explore Argentina and Chile. You’ll visit the Argentine and Brazillian parts of Iguazú Falls, watch a tango performance in Buenos Aires, visit the grave of Evita and explore the Andean landscapes of Chile. This...

Chile: Winelands To Easter Island Tailor-Made
From 11 daysFrom £3555
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Chile: Winelands To Easter Island

Explore the Winelands of Southern Chile, head to the mystical Easter Islands and see the Maori monoliths. To top it off you’ll return to Chile to explore Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. It contains many of nature’s greatest wonders,...

Wine And Dine In Chile & Argentina Tailor-Made
From 10 daysFrom £3565
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Wine And Dine In Chile & Argentina

Experience the sights and sound of Chile and Argentina while trying the finest foods and wines. From the shabby chic Chilean town of Valparaiso to the streets of Buenos Aires, you’ll be visiting wineries, joining cooking classes and eating in...

Latin American Grand Tour Tailor-Made3 Countries
From 16 daysFrom £4895
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Latin American Grand Tour

Discover the wonders of three countries, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. You’ll go on an epic hike to Machu Picchu, drive a 4×4 into Bolivia and see the vibrant night sky of the Atacama desert. From stargazing in an observatory to exploring...

Hotels in Chile

Getting to Chile

Fly direct to Santiago.

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General Information

Chile’s capital and biggest city, Santiago, is surrounded by the snowy Andes and home to 7 million people. The city has a blossoming food and wine scene. With a growing economy and stable government, Santiago is very much a city on the rise. It’s catching up with its more iconic counterparts in Brazil and Argentina.

The territory of Chile stretches from Easter Island right the way to its base in the South Pole. The climate and topography of Chile are almost schizophrenic. It has the world’s driest desert in the North, vast glaciers in Patagonia and the subtropical climes of Easter Island.

What Everyone Does In Chile

Take a flight from Santiago to Easter Island and discover its mysterious Maoi megaliths. These vast sculptures were carved out of volcanic stone in the Medieval period. No one knows quite why they were built or what purpose they served.

What Some People Do In Chile

Visit the Atacama Desert to the West of the Andes. This is the world’s driest desert and it looks like the surface of Mars.

What No One Else Does In Chile

Visit the Marble Caves of Chile Chico. Formed over 6000 years by waves lapping against calcium carbonate, the marble caves are as blue as the lake that surrounds them.

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