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Latin American Grand Tour

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Discover the wonders of three countries, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. You’ll go on an epic hike to Machu Picchu, drive a 4×4 into Bolivia and see the vibrant night sky of the Atacama desert. From stargazing in an observatory to exploring the ruins of the Inca Empire, this epic adventure is sure to expand your mind and electrify your Instagram page.

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Itinerary Breakdown

Lima Cathedral

Day 1 To 2: Lima

Your Latin American adventure begins in Lima, Peru’s capital. Flanked by the Andes and the Pacific, it’s a dramatic city with a lot of history. You’ll be taken on a private tour of its modern and colonial architecture, its churches and Pacific coastline. The local cuisine mixes Chinese, Japanese and Europes flavours in an irresistible fusion.

Sacred Valley Cusco Peru

Day 3 To 4: Sacred Valley

You’ll fly to Cuzco and then transfer to the Sacred Valley. From the Andean Highlands you’ll venture to the former heart of the Inca Empire. You’ll visit Ollantaytambo and explore Inca fortresses. This town has been inhabited since the 13th-century.

OutOfOffice flag at Machu Picchu in Peru

Day 5: Machu Picchu

A visit to the Lost City Of The Incas is a must. Peru’s most iconic landmark is the great relic of the Inca Empire. A citadel in the mountains that’s use and origins continue to provoke debate. No one knows exactly what purpose it served.


Day 6 To 7: Cuzco

You’ll take the Huayna Picchu trail higher than Machu Picchu and be greeted with stunning panoramic views. It’s a bit of a trek but it’s worth it.

In the city of Cuzco, you’ll see indigenous influences in the architecture. At the Inca temple of Coricancha you’ll visit a sacred sight that was once covered in gold.

Lake Titicaca Peru

Day 8 To 9: Lake Titicaca

You’ll be taking a scenic train ride on the luxurious Perurail with an open-air observatory. You’ll check into your hotel overlooking Lake Titicaca.

The following day you’ll visit the lake, the world’s highest navigable body of water. The Uros islands built from reeds by the Uros people float by on the surface of the lake.

La Paz

Day 10: La Paz

Today you’ll transfer to Bolivia. Your tour will begin on the Bolivian side of the lake where you’ll see many Inca ruins.

Over in La Paz, the world’s highest capital, you’ll explore the delightful chaos unique to this place. Overnight in La Paz.


Day 11 To 12: Uyuni

You’ll visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats spread out over 11,000 sq km. This is a place of great natural beauty.

Atacama Desert

Day 13 To 14: Atacama Desert

You’ll take a drive in a 4 x 4 from Uyuni to Chile passing mountains, geysers, volcanoes and the Laguna Verde.

At Salar de Atacama you’ll see a salt lake dotted with a layer of crystals. Pink flamingos live around the lake. At night the sky is truly spectacular. At the San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Observatory you’ll learn about the constellations above and look through a telescope to far away galaxies.

Santiago de Chile

Day 15 To 16: Santiago

Your epic adventure concludes in Santiago. You’ll explore its burgeoning food scene and wine bars. You’ll have some time to explore the city at your own pace and reflect on your Latin American grand tour.

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