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One of the most cosmopolitan countries on earth, Canada really does have it all. From the bustling cities of Toronto and Vancouver to the slopes of Whistler and the falls of Niagara, the country is teeming with activity. The outdoor lifestyle is welcome here with the opportunity to go whale watching and bear spotting or perhaps cycling through the mountains.

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5 hours behind the UK

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7-10 hours direct from UK

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Holidays to Canada What to do in Canada

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Canada is a breath of fresh air. Whether you are hiking in the Rocky Mountains, skiing in whistler or kayaking in the Tofino Sea you are sure to find unbeatable scenery and tranquility. Toronto’s vibrant atmosphere provides you with lots of things to do.

Take a trip up the CN tower for the best skyline views or go and see an ice hockey game and experience the incredible atmosphere from the crowd. Then there is the breathtaking Niagara falls where you can take a boat ride right up to the bottom.

Head to Newfoundland and Labrador which is one of the best places you can see the Northern Lights from. This incredible aurora display is one not to miss.The landscape itself is quite something as well, it’s like no human has ever been there with its jagged rocky landscape and misty atmosphere.

What everyone does in Canada

See the stunning Niagara falls in action and watch the unstoppable flow of water tumble down to the bottom of the waterfall. It is packed with tourists but totally worth it.

What some people do in Canada

Haida Gwaii is an archipelago on the West Coast of Canada. It is home to many unique and fascinating species of flora and fauna including bald eagles and bears.

What no one else does in Canada

Sable Island is not known to many people since the main inhabitants of the island are wild horses. The island is located just off the coast of Nova Scotia but is part of Canada.

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