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China’s heritage runs deep through its museums and temples. With Out Of Office, you can also be swept through China’s streets for a rolling picture of everyday life. China also has a more serene side in the form of Kunming Lake but, if the ocean is more to your taste, you can take a cruise from Vietnam to Hong Kong. Out of Office can take you anywhere from the Great Wall to hidden coastal caves.

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Holidays to China What to do in China

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China is such a wonderful country. with its rich heritage and unique culture, it is a fantastic once in a lifetime holiday destination. Our perfect itinerary would be starting in the capital city Beijing. Here you will find a hustle and bustling atmosphere, so prepare yourself for the busy streets! Home to many iconic sites, including the famous bird's nest stadium which housed the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Amongst the new, there is the old which is still very important to the Chinese culture in today's society. Visit the Gulou which is the famous drum tower which originally served for musical purposes, it then was used to tell the time during the Ming Dynasty by drumming on every hour and now is a popular tourist spot. Head to the Zhonglou, the bell tower which is opposite the drum tower. Both will give you a nice insight into ancient Beijing. The list of things to do in Beijing is endless, and we don't want to keep the element of surprise for you!

The next place on your trip should be Xi'an, where you will visit the famous terracotta warriors. A very important historical site you must visit during your stay.

Last but definitely not least is Shanghai. It's modern and vibrant atmosphere will end your trip on the highest of highs. known for its luxury hotels which offer impeccable service, not only will your stay be filled with exploration but comfort. take a stroll through the bung which was formerly known for being the place where rice barges used to drag their load through for trading. on the contrary, now, it is where fortunes can be made (and lost!). The fabulous art deco architecture is beautiful, why not take a tour on the Huangpu River to get an even better view.

What everyone does in China

Beijing is always the best place to start. With so much to do and see, we always say allow plenty of time to explore this wonderful city from top to bottom. A fantastic combination of the old and the new, you can visit the forbidden city which can be found at the very heart of the city. Then of course, head to the Bird’s Nest which was the stadium built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

What some people do in China

Why not combine China with Japan, a great way to explore these two countries is by bullet train. Watch the countryside fly past you and enjoy the comfortable journey around these two fabulous countries. Our China and Japan itinerary gives a great insight into what we can do.

What no one else does in China

When you think of China, tropical island doesn’t immediately spring to mind, but believe it or not HÇŽinán is China’s largest tropical island and is a great addition to your trip. It is just off the South coast of the mainland and is home to some top class luxury resorts.

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